Biden caves to pressure from Dems to change filibuster rules: ‘Democracy is having a hard time functioning’

President Joe Biden has long claimed that he wants to leave the filibuster alone. But with Democrats now in control of the federal government, he’s starting to change his tune.

In his latest concession to the far left, the self-styled “moderate” gave his strongest indication yet this week that he is willing to cooperate with demands to weaken the ability of the minority party to protest the majority’s wishes, The Washington Times reported.

Biden caves

With the filibuster, most legislation needs 60 votes to clear the Senate. It has long been seen as an essential feature of the more deliberative chamber of Congress, as it gives the party in the minority the opportunity to block legislation advanced by the majority.

Liberals rallied around abolishing the filibuster during Donald Trump’s presidency, and calls to run roughshod over Republican opposition have only grown stronger with Democrats eager to pass their radical agenda.

For perhaps the first time this week, Biden showed himself receptive to demands to alter the filibuster in an interview with ABC News, telling host George Stephanopoulos that the current set-up isn’t working for “democracy.”

According to The Washington Times, Biden did not say outright that the filibuster should be abolished, but said that senators should be limited to a “talking filibuster,” in which lawmakers block a bill by speechifying continuously.

“That’s what it was supposed to be,” Biden said, according to the Times. “It’s almost getting to the point where democracy is having a hard time functioning.”

Majority rules

Democrats argue that the “talking filibuster,” which predominated until changes in the 1970s made blocking bills somewhat easier, would force the minority to be more discriminating.

But calls to eliminate the filibuster have excited passionate opposition from Republicans, who insist it will end with catastrophe.

It is worth asking where the change Biden seeks may stop. Biden has already belied calls for “unity” with a sharply partisan approach, and while chatter of the “talking filibuster” is new, Democrats have more fundamentally attacked the filibuster as a remnant of Jim Crow and a tool of “obstruction.”

Biden’s endorsement seems certain to embolden those seeking more transformative change, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who said Thursday the filibuster has “deep roots in racism” and “should not be permitted…to create a veto for the minority,” as Fox News reported. “In a democracy, it’s majority rules,” she said.

Majority rules. Does this really end with “bringing back” what once was, as Biden says, or with turning the Senate into something totally new?

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15 Responses

  1. Yea puppets are pretty easy to control. Hey biden why dont you let enyone show whats going on at the border ? Could it be you dont want the citizens to see the children in obamas cages?

  2. The Democrats are going to leave us no choice but to take our country back like our founding fathers did from the English. Without the filibuster, the Senate is not a deliberating body providing reasonable checks and balances to the whims of government, but is a rubber stamp to a run away house and it’s demented speaker and a feeble and senile President. We will soon determine if the people and the States can reel this mess in, or bloodshed becomes the only alternative relief.

    1. Can someone tell me why these stories always show Obama sitting next to Pelosi continuously operating to complete the coup. He WAS THE PRESIDENT he. Nearly ruined this country once already! Are we giving him another chance at it? I mean seriously this man is an activist who has always hared this country!! Get him out of here!!!!!

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  4. Get rid of her shes the one calling the punches and God knows shes done enough t impeach her you will not have peace until you get re if Pelosi shes thr devil she writes out these orders and tells Biden to sign them . Impeach her!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. We have got to regain control of our government. It’s on a fast track to disaster. Biden, Harris, Shumer and Pelosi need to go. They are evil power hungry traitors

    1. “We don’t live in a “democracy”. We live in a REPUBLIC!”

      Big thumbs up. But, the distinction will continue to be blurred until civics is again taught in school.

  5. Agree with all posts! The filibuster is necessary because without it, the minority party has no recourse to stop unfair legislation! The republicans better grow a spine and fight back in this, plus get manchin and sinema to vote against it as well. Maybe even a few more Dems who would vote against it.

  6. Take piglosi’s power away from her! She is not working for the people, only her own greed and power hunger! She is usurping the power of the presidency, setting up the path for her to take over the Oval Office! She must be thrown out of congress!

  7. Re the border…hard to reconcile politicians shutting down the economy over the pandemic, schools won’t open, push for testing and immunization….all while those same politicians letting illegal immigrants (probably at higher risk of being infected (no, not a racist statement, rather a logic based observation)) with no pandemic controls at all, and over crowded “kids in cages”.

  8. The only reason the democrats went with Biden is because they. Could control him, and that’s exactly what they are doing now with the filibuster. We presently have an undeclared civil war looming in this country that is being fostered by the Democratic power base and we better wake up soon and do something about it.

  9. Biden is a puppet – who or what is pulling his stings ??? Whoever or whatever is pulling his strings have done a wonderful job of ruining this country !!! How much longer are Americans going to put up with this behavior ???

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