Biden called out for celebrating US vaccination efforts that ‘led the world’

President Joe Biden has repeatedly touted his administration’s role in facilitating vaccine distribution throughout the United States, using — or misusing — data to put his actions in the most positive light possible.

During a recent speech, Biden once again declared that his administration’s vaccine program “led the world,” The Daily Wire reported, but critics are pointing out that however good the U.S. system has been, it is not accurate to portray it as better than every other nation.

“Extraordinary success”

Biden made the remarks while celebrating the news that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) finally acknowledged what many Americans already suspected: Fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear masks or practice social distancing in most indoor and outdoor settings.

Speaking from the Rose Garden at the White House, he called the CDC’s revision a “great milestone” and a “great day” that he chalked up to “the extraordinary success we’ve had in vaccinating so many Americans so quickly.”

The president then proceeded to rattle off a number of other COVID-related numbers as evidence of that success.

“As I said in my joint address to the Congress, this vaccination effort has been a historic logistical achievement for the United States of America,” he said. “Over these past 114 days, our vaccination program has led the world.”

The Daily Wire, however, noted that while U.S. vaccination numbers stack up nicely against most other nations around the globe, it could be seen as misleading to assert that America has “led the world” in that regard.

The evidence is clear

In fact, even The New York Times reported in its interactive coverage of vaccine-related figures compiled as part of a University of Oxford special project that the U.S. ranks high, but not at the top of the list for any of the major metrics being measured. As an example, America ranks 8th in terms of vaccine doses administered per 100 people with a number of around 80 doses.

Of course, America is a leader in total doses administered — more than 264 million — if one dismisses China’s claims that it has administered more than 354 million doses.

With about 35% of the population having received at least one dose, the U.S. ranks 6th in the world. When combined to account for the overall share of the population that has been partially or fully vaccinated, that ranking drops to 9th place.

To be sure, the nation has performed quite well in manufacturing, distributing, and administering multiple vaccine drugs, and Biden has every right to tout those successes publicly. Nevertheless, Biden should not rely on hyperbole to make things seem better or bigger than they truly are — and the media should hold him accountable when he does.

After all, many in the media just spent four years feverishly claiming insistence on factual accuracy from the White House under President Donald Trump.

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22 Responses

  1. continuously i used to read smaller articles or reviews that also clear their motive, and
    that is also happening with this post which I am reading at this place.

  2. Media hold him accountable that is a JOKE. They LIE for him because they know he is incapable of telling the truth.

    1. of course, they cover for him, they are almost as bad and devious as Biden the lying sleeping demented Joe…

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  4. Had it not been for our good President Trump implementing the “Warp Speed” project which enabled creation and distribution of the vaccine, mister Biden and his unqualified “equity” team would still be sitting around asking, “Which way did he go, George, which way did he go?” And, more importantly, if masks, social distancing and all the other control measures they’ve put in place REALLY worked, why are the still in place a year later? Rhetorical question, as you may suspect, given that those of us who have common sense and can think for ourselves, already know the answer — control and allowing mister Biden to “squat” (which means illegally occupying) in the people’s White House!! 🙁

    1. Exactly right. President Trump had the novel APPROACH to develop this vaccine. Normally, vaccines take 5 YEARS to get to market. President TRUMP accomplished this in approximately 10 MONTHS time.

    2. Thank you for reminding people that it was President Trump initiated the “Warp Speed project. How dare Biden try to take all the credit for it! He is a shyster!

  5. The only successful things that our prevaricator in chief has done is to steal an election and misappropriate operation warp speed. Biden actually has done nothing good for America. He is busy destroying everything that has made America the world leader in so many ways. Biden is a puppet and a total disgrace!

  6. Biden is disgustingly ignorant corrupt and anti American. Send him away. If not to his basement put him in a nursing home. His brain is not working.

  7. Clown tyrant clearly full of crap, do nothing for the people, and make the USA terrible again!!!

  8. What a waste of our reading time. Everyone knows Biden is a liar and there isn’t anyone to step up and impeach him and his unelected crew. Do something, please!

    1. I think they want to keep refreshing our memories that the big b is a compulsive liar lest we forget.

    1. I was going to say Gore but he invented the internet…..guess the wheel invention is up for grabs. Surely Biden was around during that time it rolled

  9. 50 years of total lies. The only way Biden got the nod was pure dishonest people and people who don’t give a darn about anyone but their path of hate and disregard for christen values and brotherhood.

  10. You mean Biden did not invent the wheel ?
    How about fire?
    He is old enough to have been around when they both were invented.

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  12. Biden can’t even find his mask? Then when he does he can’t seem too put it on? He’s a gone as Fauci who rubbed the wrong arm after his 1st dose. They are all just poseurs and take un-earned credit. Everyone knows Trumps warp speed program made it all work. Idiot liberals always want the truth except when their side lies…. then it OK.

  13. No Joe, it was Trumps vaccination program that led the world. You had nothing to do with it. Wake up and get out of bed in your basement for a while. Act like an American President, not like a imbicil that has no common sense.

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