Biden changes tune on who’s responsible for gas prices as costs rise again

Joe Biden was glad to take credit for gas prices while they were declining from their summer peaks, but now that they’re on the rise again, he’s back to looking for others to blame. 

The White House’s clumsy spin doctor, Karine Jean-Pierre, is now saying the recent uptick in cost at the pump is “nuanced.”

Biden flip-flops on gas prices….again

Speaking as if to an errant child, Jean-Pierre lectured Fox News’ Peter Doocy about “global challenges” like the war in Ukraine.

“So it’s a lot more nuanced than that, right?”, she sneered. “Peter, you know this.”

Amazingly, Jean-Pierre flip-flopped in the very next breath, crediting Biden’s “historic” use — or misuse, many would say — of the nation’s strategic oil reserves with easing pressure on consumers.

“And what the President was able to do — he took some historic steps, when you think about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and making sure that he — we were able to do everything that we can to bring that cost down for American families, give them a little bit more of a breathing room.”

“And we saw that.  We saw that every day this summer over — saving American families over a dollar per gallon,” she added.

Desperate Biden lashes out

Jean-Pierre also said Biden had no plans to continue selling from the reserves after November, only for Biden to later say that he would continue to tap the reserves “as necessary.”

The whiplash reversal came in response to OPEC+ announcing major production cuts — a huge blow to Biden’s desperate oil diplomacy with the Saudis.

Biden is now reportedly weighing sanctions relief on oil from Venezuela and an export ban on U.S. oil, with Election Day weeks away and inflation on the top of voters’ minds.

The recent developments have left Biden cornered and lashing out at anyone he thinks he can blame for a crisis he branded “Putin’s price hike” early on. In a truly ugly display, Biden is back to barking at gas station owners to lower prices.

“Do it now,” Biden said. “Do it now. Not a month from now — do it now.”