Biden admin claims southern border is ‘closed’ while thousands overwhelm authorities daily

The Biden administration continued to sharpen its propaganda skills on Sunday by claiming that the southern border is “closed.”

Illegal immigrants are overwhelming the border so fast, in fact, that officials are reportedly starting to let them into the country without requiring them to show up in court ever again.

If this isn’t open borders, it’s hard to say what it would look like.

Releasing migrants with no court date

The shocking policy was reported by outlets such as Axios, Breitbart and Fox News. Insiders call it “unprecedented.”

Under it, agents have “prosecutorial discretion” to let migrant families enter the country after a brief background check, without giving them the formal charging document to start deportation, called a Notice to Appear. Basically, it puts the burden on migrants to deport themselves.

Migrants are called to show up in court in their self-reported destination city, all but ensuring they will settle in the country illegally. It’s like “catch and release” on steroids: migrants are literally funneled into America without any expectation that they follow a legal process.

An anonymous Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official with knowledge of the plan described it to Breitbart as “insane” and an obvious incentive for illegal immigration.

“This is insane, it is another pull factor that will overwhelm us,” the official said. “We are creating another entirely different class of aliens we will have to deal with years from now. We will never find most of these aliens once they are released.”

Biden’s border blunder

As of Sunday, the policy was being enacted in the Rio Grande Valley, but its effects could easily ripple through the system. “If they are not doing this in the Laredo or Del Rio Sectors, guess what, their traffic will come here to benefit from the immediate release, this plan will likely backfire,” the source told Breitbart.

The vulnerabilities exposed by this policy contrast sharply with Biden’s “not a crisis” messaging. A top CBP source told Fox that Border Patrol has “no choice but to release people nearly immediately after apprehension because there is no space to hold people.”

Biden has attempted to blame Donald Trump while impotently pleading with migrants not to come, but his team seems to be doing everything possible to make a vicious cycle even worse. Masses of migrants view Biden as a benevolent patron because of his far-left policies, policies he is only doubling down on.

Still, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the “message is quite clear, do not come. The border is closed, the border is secure.” Um, really?

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27 Responses

  1. God will have to save the USA, no one else seems to be able to save it from the, Demo/Commies and the Biden administration!

    1. Biden is not our president. He is the Dems and commie haters of America puppet. And if he thinks he got problems with the border, wait until he tries to take our guns! TRUMP WON THAT ELECTION!

      1. Biden and Harris are COMPLETE IDIOTS, Totally UNFIT for Office, and Totally Fing INCOMPETENT. The entire DemoncRAT list of politicians need to be removed ASAP.

        Look how far DOWN our country has fallen just since the stolen election.

        The Election was NO DOUBT STOLEN from American Voters, thru Corrupt voting systems and Criminal Election officials. It’s time to “ Right This Ship” people!!!! America is losing the battle due from those Criminals of the WH!!

    1. destroying America IS their agenda, and all you idiots voted for them. Sure hope your all very proud !!!

      1. Dimwits who voted, and allowed these Frigging MORONS into the Presidental Whitehouse, again need to be purged from OUR Government Offices.

        These Idiots are hell bent on destroying OUR Country. It’s time to take back OUR Country from those IDIOTS. It’s CLEAR, that these DEMONCRATS have NO Backbone, NO BRAINS, and NO Intelligence.

        Open Borders, WTF YOU IDIOTS.
        Let’s take back ALL of these IMBACILES Compensation and Benefits, and deport these DemonCRAPS along with those Illegals. ENOUGH of these IDIOTS in the Whitehouse. Stand UP people. This DemonCRAP government isn’t working for “We the People”.

    2. Start with DRunk Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie Scummer then Biden and his Ho and that should get the ball rolling to get the rightful President Trump back in office and HE will clean up the rest!

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  3. This article is 100% correct with 3 B’s ….Biden’s Border Blunders!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is wrong with this jealous obnoxious non thinker who is just trying to cancel all the good trump did…so we will remember Biden for being a horrible treacherous low IQ hater of America a son who is nothing but a law breaking criminal….and a wife if she cared she would get Joey some help….Obviously Joey is the worst human to ever attempt to run anything!!!!!!!!! This article tells it like it is!!!

  4. Remember Bathhouse Barry and ex linebacker husband formerly known as Big Mike are critical puppeteers The Oscumas and best friend, Prostitute Harris are evil seeds of dishonesty hate and corruption

  5. I have to give the Dumbocrats credit for one thing; they are experts at creating total chaos in our country (and beyond).

  6. Puppet Biden has done more harm to this country since taking office than any other president. The Democrats need the illegal votes, so desperately that they would rather destroy the country so that they can remain in power.
    Please stop this madness and close the borders. The fact that President Trump was correct about this issue is what will make the Democrats lose their power, as this administration is being run by Pelosi and Schumer, not puppet Biden. Biden is in LA LA LAND, he needs to be removed and a new election needs to be DEMANDED by the PEOPLE.


  8. The is part of the Democrats plan to waste the tax payers money so as to make America weaker , Our Armed forces weaker , our police forces weaker , our justice system weaker so that we the people can’t do nothing to stop these Traitors from destroying our Country and constitution and our laws and our Freedom as we know it. The only thing that can stop them is the Citizens and true Patriots of America. The people are just waiting for a leader to direct them in Destroying these Traitors of America. And when that happens there is going to be HELL to pay for those Traitors with in our government both Democrats and Republican Rhinos. Victory is coming soon for the People.

    1. It looks like to me that the Supreme Court should Step up at this point and declare martial law!! If they care about The United States of America, they would!!

  9. The only thing the Democrats haven’t plan for was for the millions of Americans to go to the Capital and drag all of the evil bastards out by their heels. Then maybe they will get the hint that they are not wanted .

  10. Folks it took about 2 month for ole Biden & Harris Schumer Pelosi to just about destroy about everthing that President Trump had going, under Trump we had a fairly calam border our alli the middleast China Russia we cooling home we had law and order. NOW look and look hard and remember.

  11. What a disgrace you are Biden to our country, you & your party & family covered up the fact that you are no more presidential material the Pepe Le Pew & I think he may have done a better job. You are not only the worse President ever you are a trader vile evil man who deserves to be impeached for your horrid crimes!

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