Biden claims gas in California has ‘always been’ $7 per gallon

According to the New York Post, President Joe Biden, this week, suggested that California’s outrageously high gas prices are no big deal because “that’s always been the case.” 

But, that’s not even the worst of it. Biden went on to suggest that there is some kind of link between California’s high gas prices and housing.

“Well . . .”

Biden’s comments came on Thursday during a trip that he made to Los Angeles, California, where he met with local Democrats. After getting some tacos, Biden briefly took some questions from reporters.

One reporter said to Biden: “The inflation report is out. Have you seen gas prices around here in LA? It’s seven bucks a gallon almost.”

“Well, that’s always been the case here,” Biden replied. “You know, it’s not — what — nationwide, they came down about $1.35, and they’re still down over a dollar. But, we’re going to work on — housing is the big — is the most important thing we have to do in terms of that.”

Biden, here, appears to link the high gas prices to housing, but never explains the link. Instead, another reporter jumped in to ask him another question.

It sure would have been interesting to hear that explanation.


It is true, as Biden says, that gas prices have come down from where they were last summer. But, they have gone back up some, and it is expected that they might continue to go up.

That’s because of OPEC+’s recent announcement that it plans to cut oil production by two million barrels per day.

The announcement came after Biden’s summer trip to Saudi Arabia – the country that he vowed to make a “pariah” state – to beg for OPEC+ to increase its oil production. Biden did obtain an increase of 100,000 barrels per day, but now this is being wiped out by the two million barrels per day decrease. And, this is part of the reason why energy prices will likely be increasing.

Nonetheless, it is midterm election time, and Biden and the Democrats are trying to spin the situation the best that they can. Biden, for example, in a speech that he gave earlier on Thursday, bragged about getting gas prices lowered, and he promised “to keep working to bring” them down.

In another few weeks, at the midterms, we’ll get to see if Americans are still buying what Biden and the Democrats are selling.