Biden compared to a “wax figure” after appearing to nod off in interview

President Joe Biden has long been accused of suffering from cognitive decline, and those accusations have grown louder after Biden appeared to doze off during a recent interview.

As far as one Republican lawmaker is concerned, the president’s performance is proof that the president is effectively a figurehead who does the bidding of his staff. 

“Mr. President?”

The incident in question occurred last week while the president spoke with MSNBC correspondent Jonathan Capehart.

At one point during the exchange Capehart asked Biden whether his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, supports his plans to seek another term in 2024, saying, “Dr. Biden is for it?”

The president stared blankly for a movement and nodded his head slightly, prompting Capehart to remark, “Mr. President?”

Biden then seemed to catch himself, stating, “Dr. Biden thinks that uh, my wife thinks that uh, that I uh, that, that we’re, that we’re doing something very important.”

New York representative says Biden reminds of a “wax figure”

New York’s Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney later expressed unease over the president’s performance, telling Fox News, “This is really sad, but he reminds me of a Madame Tussauds wax figure.”

“He comes out, and they turn him on, and he delivers talking points that are presented to him by his shadow government, the staff behind him,” she continued.

“And he’s really showing that he’s not competent to do this most important job in our nation,” the GOP lawmaker added. “And I really, I joined on a letter with Congressman Randy Jackson about making him subject to a cognitive test … this is serious stuff.”

“We’ve got enemies around the world,” Tenny pointed out. “You’ve been interviewing tremendous people about China, about what’s happening in the war in Europe, which is unprecedented.”

“We’ve got to start looking into whether Joe Biden is actually capable of being the president. I think he’s not. I think we should consider all of these avenues.”