Columnist: Biden could right wrong by nominating Janice Rogers Brown to Supreme Court

According to FrontPage Magazine writer Daniel Greenfield, President Joe Biden could fulfill his pledge to appoint a Black woman to the Supreme Court and right a historical wrong at the same time by nominating Janice Rogers Brown to the high court bench.

Brown was nominated to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals by then-President George W. Bush while Barack Obama and Biden were serving in the Senate.

Despite the fact that Brown was born to sharecroppers and rose from oppression to become a judge, Obama and Biden both stridently opposed her nomination because she was conservative, Greenfield noted.

When Brown came out against socialism and called it a type of slavery, Biden filibustered her nomination, and she was never even given a vote. (So much for supporting Black women in the judiciary.)

Brown’s beliefs

According to Greenfield, Brown said this about “liberal democracy:”

In the heyday of liberal democracy, all roads lead to slavery. And we no longer find slavery abhorrent. We embrace it. We demand more.

“Big government is not just the opiate of the masses,” she added. “It is the opiate — the drug of choice — for multinational corporations and single moms, for regulated industries and rugged Midwestern farmers and militant senior citizens.”

Her words are even more true today, which is exactly why Obama and Biden blocked her nomination and her opportunity to be in line to get on the Supreme Court.

There’s already one conservative person of color on the court, and having another one — a woman — could have sent a message to Black Americans that conservatism is a valid option for their politics. But Dems can’t have that.

Blocking nominees

Biden has complained about the Senate blocking some of his more controversial judicial nominees, but does he remember what he and Obama did to Bush’s nominees back in the day?

Writing for FrontPage Mag, Greenfield pointed out back in 2016 that Democrats in the Senate routinely held up Bush nominees for four to six years back when the filibuster for judicial nominees was still in place.

Many of those nominees, like Brown, never got a vote. But of course, that was then and this is now — and demanding different treatment is par for the course if it gets you what you want.

It’s the Biden way.

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