‘Time to lead’: Biden faces mounting criticism as COVID-19 death toll continues to rise

As a candidate, President Joe Biden spent much of the campaign maligning his predecessor as a callous leader who implemented a COVID-19 response plan that unnecessarily cost lives. Now that former President Donald Trump is gone, however, Americans are still dying at an alarming pace.

Recent reports reveal that more than 20,000 Americans died as a result of the pandemic virus during the third week of the Biden administration — and the new president is facing scrutiny for an underwhelming response to the ongoing public health crisis.

“Nothing we can do”

Of course, no reasonable person would blame any president for every death that occurs under his or her watch.

Nevertheless, Biden emphasized gaining control over the pandemic as a central theme of his campaign. He lambasted Trump for lacking a clear and effective “plan” and his allies in the mainstream media bolstered that position by focusing on the rising death toll.

Since Inauguration Day, however, the overarching tone seems to have changed considerably. Shortly after taking office, Biden attempted to reset previously high expectations, asserting that there was “nothing we can do” to change the pandemic’s course in the short term.

The latest numbers support that acknowledgment, with an estimated  73,811 Americans dead from COVID-19 within the first three weeks of his term. At its current rate, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky concluded that the number of deaths will pass 500,000 by Feb. 20.

For his part, Biden’s plan has focused heavily on vaccinations. Notably, vaccines sped through research and development under the Trump administration and shots were being administered at roughly the same rate at the beginning of Biden’s term as they were before he took office.

“Did not do his job”

The president still made a claim this week that his predecessor “did not do his job,” prompting former Trump official Brian Morgenstern to call Biden out for his partisan buck-passing.

“Enough with the lies, excuses [and] political potshots,” Morgenstern tweeted. “Time to lead.”

In fact, he pointed to the rapid vaccine production made possible through the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed as the reason that the Biden team’s “goals were being surpassed before they even came into office.”

Criticism of Biden’s COVID-19 response plan extended beyond the political class, including in the form of a stark assessment from conservative columnist Kim Strassel, who wrote in the Wall Street Journal: “The new administration has spent every minute talking coronavirus. Yet 90% of its energy has gone to trashing its predecessor and resetting expectations, not to any sweeping policy change. Logistically, it would seem Mr. Biden inherited a fine plan after all.”

Other aspects of Biden’s plan appear counterintuitive. As Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson noted, the White House has implemented a process to allow undocumented immigrants into the country without them having first taken a COVID-19 test.

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26 Responses

  1. I really don’t understand what all of us are expecting the Biden administration and the former candidates that are in the administration laid before and continue to lai now.

    1. Thanks to China! When Pandora’s Box was opened there was very little the world could do to stop it has to ‘run’ its course! It was spread to all ends of the earth! WHO and China lied about the virus and tried to cover it up!
      Wake the hell up people! The anti-Americans would love to have the whole country SHUT DOWN!

    2. Buffoon Biden’s puppeteers’ are all stupid s… Democrat’s what did you expect they only know how to fix elections

  2. Joe Biden and his swamp have to go before they do anymore damage. They all have to get impeached. I don’t know how in the world anyone would have voted for any of them. Very sad the damage they will do. Almost two months of their nonsense. They have to go before they turn OUR COUNTRY into a communist country. Someone has to step up and HELP. We need President Trump back. Whether you liked him or not he did great things for our country and for us. You can’t deny that . Look at all the damage sleepy Joe has done to our country and his swamp already. We are not, and don’t want to be Russia , China and etc. We want to be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. All of them have to get impeached and o ut of our White House and our Capital. Those houses belong to us THE AMERICAN PEOPLE not them

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  4. Joe Biden has done nothing but insult President Trump. But the plan joe Biden is using was set up by President Trump. Joe Biden hasn’t changed A thing. All lip service but a idiot sitting in the White House. Joe Biden is not running the country. His eo orders were written by Barr way before he won. A rig election and betrayal by Barr. Joe is using his pen for revenge. Our country is doomed if joe Biden stay in office. Impeachment for joe Biden and every one connected to him. All of the cabinet and Nancy Pelosi for treason.

    1. The fact is, if Biden were to be impeached, we’d be stuck with Kamala. Let’s see… flaming Dem, bragging about being “black” (even though Indian on her mother’s side – Indian seems to be considered “south Asian” now – let’s face it, if you’re not Caucasian, your are a “person of color” ) but married to a non-black. Well known for having a long-term affair with a married Willie Brown, who was a legend in the CA legislature, and then became Mayor of San Francisco (can you say “Diane Feinstein”?). That combination would make for a LOT of news if she took the top office.
      So unless Joe is finally judged incompetent (I’m sure DR. BIDEN would fight that all the way) we’ll have almost four years of Joe to look forward to.

  5. If his lips are moving then he is a lying SOB. All he talked about is how President Trump screwing up the handling of the Corona Virus and how he was going to fix it! He lies about everything! Stimulus Checks , Fracking and Oil Industry, Corona Virus, he lies about everything!

  6. No big surprise with the illegitimate Biden and Harris and the lowlifes they hired. I doubt very much if you’ll see the slime msm criticize him for the spike in Covid deaths or anything else for that matter.
    It’s damn time the GOP get a spine and start going after this POS. That Wray character also needs the boot…nothing worse than a dirty cop. The sob should be impeached for the coup and the rightful winner DJT be put back in office.

  7. Lies and more lies Joe Biden is ready for the nursing home 25th amendment time the plan is working put camela two hump Harris that no one in there right mind would have voted for Hoe for president where you happy voters now lost our Country

  8. Agree with all above posts! The entire Biden administration needs to be impeached, starting with Piglosi, Schumer, the squad, then Biden, Harris and all cabinet members! Get them all out!!!! Put our REAL president back in!!

    1. “Impeached”? NAY! Arrested for Treason , Sedition , Malfeiscence [sp] , Attempting to Overthrow the Government of the U.S. , lying , theft of taxpayers monies , corruption , influencing our enemies , and other Crimes and misdemeanors. . Then the trial SHOULD BE in a Military Tribunal setting , then hung immediately when convicted. No reprieve , no chance of retrial , no pardons.

  9. He rides on the shirt tails of everyone else. He is just a puppet. He has no thoughts of his own. It’s like Obama has a 3rd term. I guess he figures if he lets the illegals in they will vote democrat. The man is unfit to be President.

  10. How many lies can I make. Guinness Book of World Records. Is my name in there? Cmon man! I am a con man. I will be number 1. I am the best. Thank you for voting for me. I love everyone. Let me go back to sleep.Wake me up when dinner is ready. I will be dreaming of more lies in the mean time. If you have any more questions talk to Psaki. She can circle backwards. Call me if you need anything. I can get China to help.

  11. Biden is a “PUPPET” for the real power. SOROS ,GATES , The Clinton Cartel , Pelosi , the “Fed” , FBI ,CIA , and China.

  12. Biden you said you have a plain to fix and stop Covid . You are not doing what you said when you were running for President. You said you have a plain , where the hell is it? Why dont you just Executive order it gone , thats how you do everything else. But then you also said that only Dictators rule by Executive orders . I think we got your number, just tell lies to get elected .

    1. Perfect post! Biden is jut a big bag of wind that blows. He doesn’t have any idea what the job he has needs. Biden is 100% not what America needs now or never.

  13. Thought Biden knew exactly what to do cause he said Trump was doing it all wrong, Come to find out he & his staff are not anywhere as good as Trump & his staff!! Again the worse President ever next to Obama!!

  14. This administration has No Idea HOW To LEAD, only thing they know How To Fix, is The Elections!! Impeach ALL Of Them!!

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