‘That’s the law’: Biden demands unemployed Americans accept any ‘suitable’ job or risk losing benefits

Last month’s employment report fell far short of expectations amid concerns by many state and local leaders that generous federal unemployment benefits have, in some cases, disincentivized a quick return to the job market.

In an apparent effort to address such a scenario, President Joe Biden issued a surprising directive to American workers this week: Accept a “suitable” job if one is offered or risk losing eligibility for continued unemployment benefits.

“Take the job or lose their unemployment benefits”

Biden’s ultimatum followed the jobs report released on Friday that showed only about 266,000 jobs were added in April after some predictions that the number might exceed 1 million.

A number of business owners and other advocates have pointed to expanded unemployment benefits as a contributing factor in the suppressed job market.

Biden attempted to frame the poor economic news in the best possible light for his administration while providing details into a few steps he plans to take in support of a continued recovery.

“We’re going to make it clear that anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits,” the president said. “There are a few COVID-19-related exceptions so that people aren’t forced to choose between their basic safety and a paycheck, but, otherwise, that’s the law.”

Biden went on to assert that his administration does not “see much evidence” in support of the theory that “people are being paid to stay home rather than go to work,” declaring that “Americans want to work.”

“You can’t refuse that job”

Nevertheless, he maintained that existing laws must be enforced and no one should be allowed to “game the system” in pursuit of government assistance.

“Again, the law is clear: If you’re receiving unemployment benefits and you’re offered a suitable job, you can’t refuse that job and just keep getting the unemployment benefits,” he clarified.

As for its response, the White released a “fact sheet” on Monday that detailed steps the Biden administration is preparing to take as part of a plan to get Americans back to work.

Those steps will include daycare assistance so more parents could return to work, supporting state-level re-employment services, providing financial aid to service-industry businesses, assisting out-of-work government employees back on the job, extending a tax credit for small business related to hiring and retaining employees, and an allowance for part-time workers to draw partial unemployment benefits while searching for a full-time job.

The proposal could prove beneficial to the nation’s unemployed and seems to reflect a surprisingly sensible response from the president.

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    1. Makes a law? WELL how about all the illegals that will take any job at lower pay? Whay happens to the REAL Americans then? What law will you pull then? LOSER

      1. We should adopt and apply E-Verify. Make repeat offenses by EMPLOYERS a stiffer felony with hefty fines. After about 4 offenses, send HR heads to prison. After another offense, send the CEOs to prison.

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  3. Wow, for the very first time, I actually agree with Biden. First common sense thing he has done. What a novel idea for a democrat – to follow the law of the land. Next step might be to stop giving benefits to people not in the country legally.

  4. In order to be offered a job, first they have to apply for jobs and that is the step not discussed in this article and in Biden’s announcement. If the govt stops paying the extra money, $300/we, people would have to apply for jobs and go back to work. There are so many hiring signs out there. If someone wants ccx a job they should have no problem finding one.

  5. Biden you created this mess! Own it and all the other messes you have made. YOU WILL BE MY PRESIDENT !! You and your party are destroying our country!

    1. Kamala get down to the Southern boarder and do your job that you are paid to do. You are a complete failure. You must be impeached if you dont get there asap

  6. “OBIDEN” has created a myriad of problems with his insane exec orders. He always seems to be about 10 steps behind every problem he creates. I pray God help us in the future.

  7. Yet another example of Americans being put last. He’s willing to give $$, free transportation, housing, social security, id’s and voting rights to illegals which rewarding them for illegal activity, yet Americans are out of luck if not woke, BLM, right color or other than liberal/democrat party.

  8. Well now it’s about time that Dictator Joe Biden grew a spine. Maybe it will force folks from BLM/ANTIFA terrorist to actually work for a living instead of rioting and me having to support them

  9. Old Joe needs to be in a nursing home because he is unable to function by himself. Just plain impeach the incompetent man

  10. Open the schools back up, freeing the other parent to go back to work. How can there be sooo many jobs out there when all you see are closed up businesses and burnt down businesses. Why are teachers continually being paid for doing nothing. Stupid Biden is just pandering again! Watch illegals will get the jobs and benefits.. How do I become an illegal, I can use the benefits!

  11. Don’t buy it. Democraps want people beholding to them and the Government so they would not do anything to lose those votes.

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