Biden Did Unethical And Illegal Things, According To Most

 October 15, 2023

Joe Biden, America knows your secret.

You're a dirty old man.

An incredible 68% of Americans believe that Joe Biden has at least behaved unethically while leading our country.

Out of those people, over half of them think that our president has done things that are completely illegal.

The numbers are staggering.

Joe Biden tries to project the image that he is a friendly old grandpa, but behind the scenes he's a devious old man who behind closed doors would even sell his own son out if it meant an extra buck or two for Daddy Joe.

Don't get me wrong, Joe Biden has certainly made sure that his family has benefitted.

A few easy examples of those would be improper use of Air Force Two, getting his son a job on the board of an energy company even though Hunter wasn't qualified, getting his brother Frank Biden out of trouble for a fatal car crash...

The list goes on...

America simply doesn't trust Joe Biden, especially on the Republican side.

Roughly 66% of Republicans in America believe that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden have committed at least one crime together.

You can add my name to that list for sure.

Although I don't just think that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden committed crimes together, I KNOW that Hunter Biden and Joe Biden committed crimes together.

Have you seen the prices that Hunter Biden's "artwork" is going for?

That stuff looks like the type of art that not even the preschooler's parent would tolerate having on their fridge, and people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for these pieces of canvas.

They're not buying art, they're buying favor.

Hunter Biden, the deadbeat.

Hunter Biden can't afford to support his own lifestyle, so he has had to depend on Daddy Joe Biden for much of his adult life.

The only ways that Hunter Biden knows how to make money is when Joe Biden calls in a favor.

Hunter Biden has never worked for a paycheck in his life. The closest he came is the lawsuit he filed to have to give less money to his own daughter and prevent her from using his last name, the very thing that got him ALL of his privileges in life.

The Biden family makes me sick. All of them.

The rest of America seems to think so as well.

" A free people [claim] their rights, as derived from the laws of nature."
Thomas Jefferson
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