As Biden dodges on reopening schools, report shows he topped list of 2020 teachers’ union donations

Mounting evidence shows that schools can be reopened safely amid the continued COVID-19 public health crisis, prompting increasingly bipartisan support for the resumption of most, if not all, in-person learning for U.S. students.

Much of the remaining opposition, however, comes from teachers’ unions and the politicians who are beholden to them — apparently including President Joe Biden.

Union money pours in

As Fox News reported, Biden’s wishy-washy position on the issue comes after he received a significant sum of money in the form of campaign contributions from such unions last year.

In fact, revelations show that Biden received far more than any other candidate running for any public office in 2020, including from the nation’s top teachers’ unions — predominantly the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association.

Based on figures compiled by Open Secrets, a website operated by the Center for Responsive Politics, Biden received a combined sum of at least $232,000 from these unions. For the sake of comparison, the second-largest recipient was the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), which took in a relatively paltry $51,000.

Furthermore, these figures represent only direct donations to a specific campaign, ignoring indirect spending by unions through ad campaigns or donations to political action committees.

As Fox News noted, a comprehensive tally indicates that Biden and the Democratic Party benefited indirectly from the combined $43 million in political expenditures by the NEA and AFT.

“I think that’s a little bit unfair”

With tens of millions of dollars flowing into the political campaign season, speculation has abounded that the unions might be playing a role in Biden’s reluctance to announce a concrete plan for returning students to the classroom.

During a recent exchange with one reporter, White House press secretary Jen Psaki skirted a question about whether the “students or the teachers” would win if the president were forced to announce “a binary decision” on the issue.

“I think that’s a little bit unfair how you pose that question,” Psaki responded, proceeding to assert that Biden and teachers stood together with parents in the desire to see schools safely reopened as soon as possible.

The issue came up again during Friday’s White House press briefing, once again revealing an apparent unwillingness to provide specifics.

When asked whether Biden would “use the power of the bully pulpit to help cajole teachers who are unwilling to go to school to go back,” Psaki retorted: “I’m just going to reject the premise of the question.”

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19 Responses

  1. They have conditioning us to blindly accept everything they do .By not adhering to the rules they insist on for us and by to break laws, they condition us to accept that they CAN. only that, but by breaking ever more laws, they are systematically breaking down our legal system, our Constitution and our ability to hold them accountable. It’s all being done as mind control operation against us.
    If we continue to allow this, we will soon be powerless and they will succeed in turning this nation into a poor stepchild of communist China. They don’t call him China Joe for nothing.
    I suggest that everyone who cares about our country go to Gab, afree speech platform that does not censure anyone and where millions who have been censured by Twitter and FB have gathered. Here is a link, please share. They also not sell us out to big tech at Gab.

      1. A lot of us have woke! Many,MANY Patriots have now prepared for war.They are all waiting on the signal to do so! I myself have prepared to protect and defend my self,family and country! I will never submit to the policies, laws or executive orders that this illegitimate President and his admin and now entire Fed Gov. will try and impose on the people! Im fleeeing now to a free state where Americans can execise their rights and live FREE! Screw this Illegitimate president and his minion’s!!!

      1. Something much more than sharing must be done. Time for talking points to cease and action to stop the destruction of our Republic.

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  3. Biden is the worst thing that could happen to this country. He is a puppet, and has the sense of a snail. He is signing all of these executive orders, but does he actually know what he is signing? If he has to have cliff notes as he is signing them, you know he is ignorant of their content.

  4. Public Education is Dead. As witnessed by countless parents accross this once great country, the majority of Democrap parents see public education as free daycare so, never tell their children the benefits of a good education. Our Career, Professional ruling-elite politicians, along with parents that can afford it, send their kids to ununionized private schools to give their kids advantages later in life.

  5. I preached about what we are seeing happen for years and no one seemed to care then. I pray to God that it is not too late to save our country already. I fear that a revolution is coming and it will not be pretty. Nothing like this has happened in our lives in our country and it won’t be pretty. We Americans have had it too easy for too long and it is time to fight and now!

  6. I can’t believe God has not struck dead that Satan worshiping, baby killing, anti-American, traitor Commie Biden and all his cohorts for their evil ways. They are destroying or kids, our economy, our families, our entire country with their evil Communism and greedy lust for power and the American taxpayers money!

  7. Communist government is now in power. Will the people allow this to continue? Unfortunately most people will bow down and in doing so, they mock every soldier that gave their lives in defense of freedom. Our history is be wiped out and everything our founding fathers gave us is being taken from us. Will there be an uprising? Will patriots rise in defense of freedom and liberties? So far nothing has been done. What will it take to actually wake people up? Judgment has arrived because of the national sins committed without remorse, and lawlessness continues unabated. No nation will long endure without the rule of law. From the highest court to the county courts justice lies dead in the streets. The first and second amendments will soon be a footnote in history. The communist takeover of America has been in the plans for years. Perhaps they knew it was time to begin because of the lawlessness across the land. Legislation to ban ownership of fire arms is already being drafted. Millions of people across the nation have been deceived by the propaganda over the years and darkness has come to a once God blessed people because of their gross sins. Sins of the murder of the innocent unborn children, murdered in the name of freedom. That huge graven image in New York harbor stands not for freedom but is a smack in the face of the blessed Redeemer. Evolution is showing it’s evil consequences. Are people going wake up or roll over and go back to their spiritual slumber? Soon a catastrophic event will awaken some people but it will no doubt take several to awaken all. WAKE UP!

  8. If it were not for Bidens ties to China and the unions prior to the election and the major news channels who sold their credibility down the tube Joe biden would have never been elected, I am confident that they are a sorry lot after the 1st thing biden did was cancel out over 90,000 hi paying union jobs. Only in a time when the demonRats have managed to undermine legitimate elections could a candidate of their ilk have a chance.

  9. Here in Florida in the Nokomis territory a Physican who has children of young ages called all the parents of this particular school to donate monies. It was to install thru out the school a air purifying system. So the teachers union gave the Biden Demos a large contribution. I believe it should go to as many schools as possible so that the teachers and students are protected. Out children are missing the most important aspect of their lives. Of course the government has more than enough for all the schools. Take heed


  11. The people are right, Biden is acting like a dictator and so is his democratic party members. As for my self I am prepared like 30 to 40 million other patriots in our country for any kind of war. I am a U.S. Army S.F. combat veteran of Vietnam and I have serviced as a law enforcement officer for 23 years. I am will trained in all kinds of weaponry. I’m just waiting for the signs from the American people to rise up and clearly make a formal declaration of war against any and all who are wanting to destroy this country and the peoples rights in our constitution.

  12. America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy June 19, 2020
    Bernard Dobski, Ph.D.
    Visiting Scholar, Simon Center for American Studies
    SUMMARY America is a republic and not a pure democracy. The contemporary efforts to weaken our republican customs and institutions in the name of greater equality thus run against the efforts by America’s Founders to defend our country from the potential excesses of democratic majorities. American republicanism and the ordered liberty it makes possible are grounded in the Federalists’ recognition that non-majoritarian parts of the community make legitimate contributions to the community’s welfare, and that preserving these contributions is the hallmark of political justice. But, the careful balance produced by our mixed republic is threatened by an egalitarianism that undermines the social, familial, religious, and economic distinctions and inequalities that undergird our political liberty. Preserving the republican freedoms we cherish requires tempering egalitarian zeal and moderating the hope for a perfectly just democracy.

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