Biden: If my DOJ wants to prosecute Trump, ‘I will not interfere’

If President Donald Trump loses in November, would presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden unleash the vengeful hatred of the left on his rival? He isn’t exactly saying no.

The former vice president announced to an NPR reporter on Wednesday that would not prevent Trump from being prosecuted, Breitbart reported.

“I will not interfere”

For four years, the so-called “Resistance” has been fantasizing about sending President Trump to jail for all manner of vague alleged crimes, most notably disproven Russian collusion, although it has become clear that his real crime was simply getting elected.

In the event that Trump fails to replicate that 2016 success, Biden would leave it to his attorney general to decide whether to send the law after Trump, he told NPR reporter Lulu Garcia-Navarro on Wednesday, as Fox News reported.

“Look, the Justice Department is not the president’s private law firm,” Biden said in a subtle dig at Attorney General Bill Barr, according to Fox. “The attorney general is not the president’s private lawyer. I will not interfere with the Justice Department’s judgment of whether or not they think they should pursue the prosecution of anyone that they think has violated the law.”

Biden went on: “If [a case] prove[s] to be a criminal offense, then, in fact, that would be up to the attorney general to decide whether he or she wanted to proceed with it. I am not going to make that individual judgment.”

Trump in danger?

To his credit, Biden did acknowledge that turning a former president into a political prisoner would not be “good for democracy,” as Breitbart noted, but the Democrat is giving pretty wide latitude to his would-be AG to decide whether Trump “has violated the law.”

Realistically, what are the odds of Biden’s top cop not reaching that conclusion?

Maybe there’s a part of Biden that clings to old-fashioned civility. But what about the people who would likely be driving his presidency? Topping the vice-presidential shortlist is California Sen. Kamala Harris, and if she doesn’t get the job, it’s not implausible that she would be in the running for attorney general, having previously served as AG in the Golden State, as Fox noted.

How would Harris handle the situation? Last year, the Democrat senator said that the Justice Department has “no choice” but to prosecute (read: persecute) Trump over the Russian collusion hoax, according to Fox.

A look forward

The sharks are already circling. Just months before the election, prosecutors in New York are ramping up a broad probe into President Trump and his business that is based, in part, on New York Times articles.

It is very hard to believe that the left, after four years of stewing in impotent rage against the president, would choose restraint when given the chance to finally punish him. And it looks like Biden has no desire to get in their way.

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