Biden Energy Secretary Engaged With Secret Talks With CCP

 August 6, 2023

Joe Biden's Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is just an extension of the Biden family. Joe's entire administration just may be, for that matter.

A recent report indicates that Granholm has held at least two secret meetings with the most unbelievable partner imaginable:

The Chinese government.

Even before Americans knew that the White House was going to tap into emergency oil stocks, the CCP was apparently told.

Granholm had met with the CCP on November 19, 2021, and November 21, 2021. Two days later, on November 23, the Biden administration publicized their new plan for releasing America's strategic oil reserves.

Really makes you wonder what kind of role the Chinese government played in that decision, doesn't it?

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers is one of the people who has an issue with Joe Biden's team being more worried about the CCP than average Americans.

"Before telling the American people of their plans to undermine our energy security by draining the SPR at record rates for political purposes before the midterm elections, Secretary Granholm reportedly first secretly consulted with the Chinese Communist Party," Cathy McMorris Rodgers claimed.

"Since then, DOE — under her leadership — has sold millions of barrels of oil from our SPR to China — the world’s biggest polluter," she added. "It would appear Secretary Granholm meant it when she said America should 'learn' from what China is doing."

House GOP Majority Leader Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, is also frustrated at Democrats for always putting "America last."

"The Biden administration secretly colluded with the Chinese Communist Party to help lower energy prices in China while hardworking American taxpayers were left to pay more at the pump here at home."

Republican Mike Collins of Georgia agreed:

"Why does communist China have more input on U.S. energy policy than the American people under the Biden administration?"

Other Republicans were just as upset:

"The Biden Admin's corrupt relationship with China should be alarming to every American," Representative Nick Langworthy of New York said Friday. "While claiming that she was meeting with China on climate change, Secretary Granholm was really putting together a plan to drain and sell our SPR to our adversary."

"This is beyond concerning. Yet another bad decision made by Jennifer Granholm," Representative John James of Michigan said. "This administration continues to put our adversaries' interests and security above our own."

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