Biden executive order could be ‘death warrant’ for US

Back in March, the President Joe Biden administration set in motion an executive order that could be the “death warrant” for the U.S. dollar, and no one really seemed to notice. 

While some on the right are saying that Executive Order 14067 orders trackable spyware to be placed within each bill of U.S. currency, this is not exactly true–yet.

The order sets up an investigation into whether the U.S. should adopt a digital currency similar to bitcoin but without the volatility.

Relevant agencies had 180 days to submit a report about what adopting a digital currency would entail, and those 180 days have now passed.

Conservatives fear digital currency

The order didn’t make any decisions, but it could lead to the adoption of a digital currency at some point, which would open up some of the possibilities that conservatives fear.

Tracking how people spend money would not only be possible, but necessary under a digital currency in order to ensure the security and accuracy of those transactions.

Even worse, the government could potentially give itself the power to turn the currency on and off, which would in essence control how people could spend the money and how much of certain items they could buy.

Imagine going to the grocery story and because the government wants to punish you or needs to ration certain foods, your digital money doesn’t work, or only works on certain items.

What might happen?

This kind of digital currency could be used to force people to act in certain ways, such as going along with government policies they don’t agree with so that they aren’t labeled “haters” and punished by taking away their ability to buy goods in the marketplace.

The possibilities are nothing short of terrifying to people who value being free and having free will to make decisions about their own lives.

However, such scenarios are only theoretical right now, and have not even been proposed let alone adopted.

It just seems like something Democrats would do, doesn’t it?