Biden executive order mandates $15 minimum wage for federal workers

Liberals were downcast when President Joe Biden’s push for a $15 minimum wage faltered in Congress, but he is doing what he can unilaterally to make progress on the policy goal.

With the stroke of a pen Tuesday, Biden established a $15 minimum wage for hundreds of thousands of federal contract workers, the Washington Examiner reported. The executive order goes into effect for all agencies no later than March 2022.

Calls it a modest hike

The White House is presenting the hike as a modest but positive step with effectively no downsides, claiming it will not lead to job losses or a burden on taxpayers. They insist the costs will be offset by a reduction in turnover and increased productivity.

“The effect on employment we think is going to be minimal if any, and that’s what the Council of Economic Advisers found as well,” an official told the Examiner

The last time federal contract workers received a minimum wage hike was under president Obama, who set it at $10.10, indexed for inflation, in 2014.

The new order covers tipped workers left out of the last increase and marks an overall 37% boost from the current rate of $10.95.

Biden was unable to include a $15 minimum wage in his $2 trillion COVID relief plan, which was passed without a single Republican vote through a rare process called budget reconciliation.

Biden’s agenda

But leftists are feeling emboldened as Biden, long seen as a bi-partisan “moderate,” pushes ahead with a wildly ambitious, multi-trillion dollar agenda.

Biden is personally said to be eager to go down as a 21st century FDR, and he “loves” the idea that he is more ambitious than his old boss.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the most high-profile advocate of a $15 minimum wage, praised Biden and called on Congress to end “starvation wages.”

“I applaud President Biden’s important action to raise the minimum wage for federal contract workers to $15 an hour. Congress should follow his lead and end starvation wages for the rest of the nation. Let’s get it done,” he said.

Amid fears of inflation, Biden is pushing major tax hikes to pay for his $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” bill, the American Jobs Plan, and a $1.8 trillion bill announced Wednesday, the American Families Plan.

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18 Responses

  1. When are we going to arrest This Administration for Treason ??? And for Violating The Constitution of The United States?????????????????

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  3. I think the vast majority of federal workers already receive a salary well above $15 per hour, except for maybe a few unskilled laborers. So, the effect is probably minimal to none. Its a cheap trick to grab headlines while doing next to nothing.

  4. If that creature wants to raise the minimum wage for people who work in fast food then they NEED TO START TO WORK, LISTEN , AND GET THE ORDERS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. That’s my opinion on that. I worked there many, many years ago and I never got one wrong!
    And he wants to raise major tax hikes let me tell you something, I’ve been disabled for years, while wishing I could work , but my disability money at the end of the year DOESNT EVEN COME CLOSE TO THE POVERTY LINE!! NOT EVEN CLOSE…..I couldn’t afford to live on my own in a card board box on Vine Street. So why is it that drug addicts get way more money than me? They even told social security that they are addicted to crack or heroine whatever and they got disability right away. And given enough money to buy more drugs and to feed their kids(which they never do)if they have any. They would rather buy drugs, gold chains and diamonds. It’s not right at all. They should be made to clean up and get a job and test clean every week to continue to get more help until they get going!

    1. I agree with you that Biden/Harris should be impeached and Pelosi charged with treason but you know this will never happen. The Republicans will not stand together to get this done they seem to have no backbone and they fight among themselves. The one thing the Democrats don’t do they always stand together no matter what.

    2. I completely agree with you James. Get those 3 out and then start on Scumbager and the Waters and the rest of them. It also wouldn’t hurt to get rid of the RINO’S either.

  5. I can think of a lot of other jobs that need the pay hike. Federal workers already make a good wage plus they have good benefits. Why doesn’t he help the people that really need it, because they want to keep us under their thumb and needing them. Biden needs to be impeached before he ruins the rest of the country! Where’s Nancy when it’s really needed…oh yeah, she wants to keep us down as well!

  6. Pay up America, you don’t pay enough in taxes for these rats in charge, not until it is your full pay check. The rest of the world needs your money. This $15 per hour will reduce the number of employees that a company can afford. So when a company has three employees working, now one can do it all and make more. Lay off the other two to work for the government or go on welfare. Even if the left took all the money that we make a 100% of our checks, they would still need more money for their special projects.

  7. This is a Marxist treasonous administration that stole this election to destroy this country and every single one of these disgusting sick people belong in GITMO and tried as traitors to this country and deserve what happens to scum traitors.

  8. It has only taken about three months and we don’t have a president we have the first dictator in the white house for the first time that is not helping the citizens first and giving everything to all illegals that he is letting into this country for free and we the people are paying for them and they are . not even have some type of disease on the way here

  9. Good thinking Joe, at $15 an hour employers will be forced to reduce staff and the Federal employees in the Capital and other Federal buildings will have to waste more time waiting in longer lines for their food.
    Maybe that’s a good thing if they are standing in lines doing nothing they are not screwing anything up.

  10. It’s not about helping people (or the country or the economy) it’s about buying votes. Obama did the same thing – bringing illegals into the country, giving them free medical coverage, free education, etc to buy their votes, pure and simple!!!!

  11. What is this administration thinking about when they are trying to increase wages ??? Americans are paying to much for the products they receive in return !!! When will politicians realize that any and all pay structure falls to the American taxpayer regardless of the political party !!! Are these people crazy or what ???

  12. The Feral workers already make more than most of us. Why give them more? It’s our turn. How about a $5 minimum wage for everyone but Federal workers?

  13. The Federal workers already make more than most of us. Why give them more? It’s our turn. How about a $15 minimum wage for everyone but Federal workers?

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