Biden fails to mention Jesus in holiday message to nation: ‘Happy Easter, everyone!’

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden addressed the United States on Sunday with a noteworthy Easter-themed message.

Critics were quick to point out that the commander in chief omitted any mention of Jesus, opting instead to reference COVID-19 vaccination rates on multiple occasions.

“For a second year”

In a tweet, he wrote: “From our family to yours, we wish you health, hope, joy, and peace. Happy Easter, everyone!”

Biden’s message continued with “warmest Easter greetings” from the first family, noting that this year’s celebration of “this most holy day” will include many American families “going without familiar comforts of the season.”

Although he included comments regarding the Gospel of John and Pope Francis, he neglected to directly reference Jesus Christ’s resurrection as the reason Christians celebrate the holiday. He did, however, include multiple reminders to get a vaccination shot.

The Bidens have long cited their faith as members of the Roman Catholic Church, so they certainly understood the Easter story yet chose to “celebrate” the holiday by highlighting COVID-19.

“The virus is not gone, and so many of us still feel the longing and loneliness of distance,” the president added. “For a second year, most will be apart from their families, their friends, the full congregations that fill us with joy.”

“A different feeling today”

Despite his warnings, many American Christians nevertheless chose to gather for in-person Easter celebrations.

A federal judge ruled last month that houses of worship in Washington, D.C., could gather for religious services without the previous limit of 25% capacity or 250 congregants.

The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in the nation’s capital met for worship on Easter Sunday. The 3,000-seat venue allowed about one-third of its capacity to be filled.

Julia Omotade, a D.C.-area eucharistic minister, suggested that the event had “a different feeling today” with indications that “we’re almost home in terms of being pandemic-free.”

While Biden might not be ready to return to church or even mention the name of Jesus, many Americans had already made the decision to fill pews across the nation in time to celebrate the actual reason for the season.

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13 Responses

  1. I read somewhere the other day that someone called Biden a “CLOWN”! however I disagree the Biden is not a “CLOWN”, but an “IDIOT”!! A clown has purpose and makes people laugh whereas, Biden simply makes me mad as hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Who is Joe Biden (The President), to me he a -0, because claiming t be a Catholic and do not even mention Jesus Christ on Easter, he is NOTHING. He should resign and stop
    shaming this nation and Catholics of this Great Country, Democrats or Republicans or
    Independent. Please Sir Quit and let someone else try to fix this country, Thank You.

    1. Don’t forget Fancy Nancy is a so called Catholic!and look how she acts. Total hypocrite and communist back stabberto the American people!

      1. well what she is called and what she is….is really two very different things, since you may be called a christian, go to church and so forth, but unless you act like it as well, it really does NOT mean much; and the same goes for “uncle joe”……
        Simce both of them are supposed to be such “upright” catholics, I really have my doubrs…………

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  4. You know if DIRTY JOE BIDEN was only a Catholic he would know why Easter Sunday is so important to people!
    Easter is when Jesus Christ walked the earth again!
    Wait a minute I thought DIRTY JOE was a Catholic!
    I’m sorry in name only!

  5. If I was a Catholic I would immediately denounce Biden! Why mention Easter if you can’t mention Jesus and God? Biden is a joke and even the Democrats know it. They don’t mind him making a fool of himself, but they fail to realize it makes them look just a foolish. As I have stated before, I do not understand why Jill Biden lets them lead her husband, whom she is supposed to love, down this horrible path. I would not allow my husband to be ridiculed and made fun of every time he speaks. Why she allowed him to even run for president is beyond me. Maybe she just wanted the title of First Lady.

  6. Bozo Biden is a no nothing So called President he doesn’t know what he is saying everyone is making fun of him it’s a shame someone is telling everything to say we need him and Laughing Harris need run out of Politics.

  7. He is an IDIOT and a disgrace to the Roman Catholic Church of which he says that he is a devoted catholic. HE LIES!

  8. I’m not surprised. He’s a Demonrat. They’re trying to take God & religion out of everything! I agree with everyone on here. He is a babbling idiot!

  9. Sounds like everyone has Joe Biden’s number. Thank you for expressing the truth!!!! I’m Catholic & for he and Nancy Pelosi to both call themselves Catholic, makes me see Satan and the fires of Hell, waiting for them. (They may have been born Catholic, Baptized & Confirmed; but neither follows the teachings of the Catholic faith. Therefore, making them totally traitors and idiots!!! Just their wishful thinking, they were “practicing” Catholics; which they are not!!!)

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