Biden, family observed without masks on federal property just hours after mandate enacted

Even before Inauguration Day, President Joe Biden made it clear that one of his first acts from the Oval Office would be the institution of a nationwide mask mandate.

Mere hours after signing that order, however, Biden and members of his family took part in an event at the Lincoln Memorial where they were all spotted without their face masks on, according to the Washington Examiner.

“Public health measures”

As the president mandated in an executive order signed on his first day in office, masks are now required to be worn at all times by individuals on federal property.

The order was one of several Biden signed on Wednesday, and it states that “individuals in Federal buildings and on Federal lands should all wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to other public health measures, as provided in [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] guidelines.”

A short time after signing that order, Biden and his family traveled to the Lincoln Memorial for an Inauguration Day event where several of them, including the president, were captured in photos and videos without their faces covered, the Examiner reported.

“Maskless on federal property”

Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Epstein shared a photo of Biden’s daughter, Ashley, and his grandchildren gathered together at the federal landmark, most of them sans face mask.

It was not just the Biden clan who appeared to flout the fledgling administration’s recommendations. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki appeared before reporters in the briefing room without a mask, as noted by former Trump campaign staffer Mike Hahn noted in a tweet.

“Bigger issues to worry about”

In fact, Fox News Channel White House correspondent Peter Doocy pressed Psaki on both the Biden family’s apparent violation of the order as well as her own maskless appearance.

While the press secretary attempted to excuse the first family’s behavior by arguing that they were “celebrating the evening of a historic day,” she attempted to skirt the issue entirely, declaring, “I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time,” according to the New York Post.

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21 Responses

  1. All of the new you publish is really great. However lets discuss the elephant in the room Election Fraud… our vote don’t count its because no one wants to talk about it

    1. I know that this may sound crazy, even to me at times, but, just hear me out. I feel that in some way shape or form people in our own government had a hand, with China, to release this virus onto the world. I find it amazing that 1, it came during an election year. 2, we citizens are told one thing yet our Political Leaders are doing the complete opposite when it comes too SOCIAL DISTANCING and MASK WEARING and 3, it has also been shown that the deaths, THEY SAY from this virus has been way inflated. This was all a plan to justify mail in ballots which was the main cause of fraud.

      1. I agree with you as people have died from the flu probably more than this, yes I know of several who have had it and recovered, but usually they had something else wrong. I am looking and praying for God to work and that His will will be done.

      2. Yes you’re totally correct. Those democrat communist and several so-called Republicans were in on this communist takeover. WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for stopping this attack against our Republic. Time for talk to stop. Time for fear to take a seat, and actually do something about our problems. When a supposedly elected president says plainly “we have a communist government and it should have been years ago” what are people waiting for? My anger is not calming down getting worse.

  2. Yes we have bigger issues to worry about Press secretary>>> Getting rid of Biden and the rest of you rotten Democrats

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  4. Can someone put those people in a concentration camp? Fill sand bags, put up constratina wire, put up,tents, where MOPP Gear, pull guard duty. As I and others are taught, responsibility starts at the top. If you want others to do something, first you do it. So, they can sleep on the garage floor, pull guard duty, etc. Walters, Pelosi, Harris, Biden, Schumer, Talib, etc. need some extra trading. Wake them up at 2am for a ten mile road march.

    1. These people don’t ever get what is coming to them. They are above the law and the people, cause they stick together and they control the law. It’s very sad ,but of all the things this guy is guilty of, the headline is smoking gun. I’m republican but my god, he didn’t ware a mask. How about the $ he got out of being VP, and his son. Do people really think sleepy Joe didn’t get his share. And we know names of people in GA that had votes counted don’t how many times. And I have not heard anything about them. Don’t know if they were questioned. The swamp is full on both sides.

  5. BIden’s thing isn’t do what I said to not what I do. He’s just another petty dictator that has unfortunately taken over our country

    1. Our first President said that the people of each state should have ample arms and ammunition to stop tyranny, even if it comes from our own government. WAKE UP PEOPLE AND STOP TALKING. The alternative is loss of all our freedom and slavery. Unless people realize this, our Republic is doomed. Ask yourselves, is our Republic worth fighting and even dying for? I say YES.

  6. Biden and his whole family are nothing more than Dirt Bag Moron Idiots who have no respect for our Military, Law Enforcement and for them as they are not putting in to practice what is good for the goose also should apply to the gander as well.

  7. I think if it’s true Biden and his a la familia were caught maskless then Chris Wallace should be notified immediately he is the authority on super spreaders who don’t wear mask. He’ll be pissed about this if it’s true.

  8. Oh this isn’t even the tip of the ice berg yet. Democrats are going to try and get rid of anyone and everyone that is a Trump voter. Don’t know how they are going to do this unless they pull out all of the votes for Trump and find out that he really did win the election from all the hidden and votes that were corrected to show Biden instead of Trump. Isn’t that why the Georgia vote counter decided to quit counting the votes at 10 pm instead of until they had counted them all? And all the lost, double votes, made up names on ballots, etc that the Dirty Dem’s could come up with. Now that Biden has a pen and a phone and Harris/Obama/Soros, maybe some of them will realize what they have done and will pay the price just as much as the conservatives will pay. Don’t they realize that all that help they got to go vote served their purpose and now those voters are of no use to them any more ?????

  9. The important thing is 2 senators from Georgia were not elected but selected from crooked voting machines still in place that stole the last election from president Trump……Trump is still the president in 2021 after true votes are countedd.

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