Biden reportedly considers firing and replacing World Bank head over insufficient devotion to climate change

The cult of climate change will brook no dissent to its agenda, and top global officials who are not fully in line will be heavily criticized and smeared until they either repent of their alleged denialism or are ousted from any position of authority.

Such is the case for World Bank President David Malpass, who was recently accused of not displaying sufficient devotion to the idea of man-made climate change, and who President Joe Biden is now under pressure to fire and replace, the Daily Wire reported.

Given that the U.S. is the largest shareholder in the World Bank, which facilitates capital loans from wealthy nations to developing nations, the U.S. president gets to appoint its head to a five-year term, and in 2019, then-President Donald Trump tapped Malpass, then a top official at the Treasury Department, for a term that will expire in 2024.

Not sufficiently devoted to the notion of man-made climate change

Axios reported that there are now serious discussions within the Biden White House about removing Malpass from his top role at the World Bank — though the administration has been skeptical of Malpass from the beginning and has reportedly had previous discussions about potentially replacing him.

These latest talks about ousting Malpass come amid international condemnation of the World Bank leader after he failed to deliver an acceptable answer when asked if human activity was the main driver of climate change, and was accused by some, including former Vice President Al Gore, of being a “climate denier.”

During a recent Climate Week event in New York City, according to Reuters, Malpass was asked if the “manmade burning of fossil fuels is rapidly and dangerously warming the planet,” and Malpass replied, “I don’t even know. I’m not a scientist.”

That sparked furious critiques and demands for his immediate removal by climate change devotees around the globe — demands that Biden is now said to be giving substantial consideration, though the process for an early removal is unclear and would likely not be easy or smooth.

Malpass issues a mea culpa, insists he’s not a “denier”

For Malpass, he either misspoke at the Climate Week event or has since fully received the message sent by those who have condemned him, as he did an about-face on the issue and embraced the belief in man-made climate change during an interview Thursday on CNN.

Asked to respond to the flood of criticism against him, including that he was a “climate change denier,” Malpass said, “I don’t know the political motivations behind that. It’s clear that greenhouse gas emissions are coming from manmade sources, including fossil fuels, methane, agricultural uses, and industrial uses. And so we’re working hard to change that.”

Malpass further insisted that he wasn’t a “denier” and asserted that the whole ordeal was a misunderstanding due to his own failure to fully convey his thoughts on the matter.

Who would Biden pick as a replacement?

As for who President Biden might pick as a replacement, if he does prematurely remove Malpass as head of the World Bank, Axios noted that potential top candidates included Gore — though a Gore spokesperson said he doesn’t want the job — or possibly Biden’s current climate envoy, former Secretary of State John Kerry, among others.

Given the clear commitment Biden has displayed thus far to the agenda and goals of the climate change cult, not to mention his equally clear disdain for former President Trump and anyone even tangentially connected to him, it would not be the least bit surprising to see Biden oust Malpass and replace him with somebody more fully devoted to the ideas of climate change in the near future.