Biden frantically walks back extreme ‘MAGA Republican’ rhetoric

The Biden White House appears to be frantically walking back Joe Biden’s extreme rhetoric demonizing half the country as a “threat” to democracy.

Contrary to Biden’s own statements, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that his hateful, divisive comments were not aimed at Trump voters, Breitbart reported.

WH walks back Biden’s extreme rhetoric

According to Biden’s flak, Biden has “been very clear that he’s talking about office holders.” But that’s not what Jean-Pierre said last week

At the time, she very clearly stated for the camera that Biden’s beef with Republicans is “not just [about] Republican leadership,” but rather “an extreme portion, an extreme part of the party.” Jean-Pierre also made the head-spinning claim that those who disagree with the majority are “extreme.”

Biden himself was unequivocal Thursday night when he described “MAGA Republicans” as “threat to this country” in a speech at Independence Hall. While he praised so-called “mainstream” Republicans, Biden cast an extraordinarily wide net by tying his defense of so-called “democracy” to abortion and other issues on which conservatives and liberals disagree.

Even the leftist Washington Post criticized Biden’s speech as too partisan, and many were alarmed by the militaristic, authoritarian optics of Biden’s address, which featured ominous red lighting and Marines in the background.

Apparently, someone at the White House realized just how bad his speech had come off, because Biden started walking it back the very next day, saying, “I don’t consider any Trump supporter a threat to the country.”

Double talk

While campaigning for the midterms on Labor Day, Biden prefaced yet another rant by stating, “not every Republican is a MAGA Republican.” But he proceeded to bash a heckler who he said was “destroying democracy.”

“We have to be stronger and more determined and more committed to saving American democracy than the MAGA Republicans and that guy walking out the door are [to] destroying democracy.”

A poll found that a majority of Americans found Biden’s speech scary and dangerous, but 70 percent of Democrats liked it.

It appears that Biden’s team either regrets his speech, or they are trying to play it both ways. In other words, they want to stir up the liberal base by demonizing anyone who disagrees with Biden as a terrorist, but without making Biden look like an unhinged authoritarian.

That is a tough needle to thread, even for the geniuses at the Biden regime.