Biden utters major gaffe, appears to express support for efforts to defund the FBI

President Joe Biden has long had quite the reputation for uttering gaffes, and he let loose a rather significant one during a speech he delivered on Friday.

In referencing Republican threats to cut funding for the increasingly politicized FBI, Biden sounded as if he agreed with that stance as he seemed to say that he didn’t “think we should be funding the FBI either,” Breitbart reported.

Biden did not catch and correct himself, and the remark was quite clearly an unintended gaffe as the surrounding context of the statement made clear that he was opposed to any punitive GOP defunding measures aimed toward the bureau.

Biden said what about FBI funding?

The gaffe came about one-third of the way through a rambling and stumbling speech President Biden delivered during a Democratic National Committee event at the National Education Association headquarters in Washington D.C.

In championing the passage of the American Rescue Plan shortly after he took office, Biden referenced the modest funding tucked in that hugely expensive and expansive legislation for local police departments around the country and highlighted the fact that no Republicans in Congress had voted for the bill.

“Now, look, we’re in a situation where now the MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding,” Biden said. “They’re — they’re defunding — defunding the FBI.”

“Now, let me tell you something: I don’t think — and I know some of you weren’t happy with me — I didn’t think we should defund the police; I never believed that and said so at the time,” he added. “But I sure in hell don’t think we should be funding the FBI either.”

For the record, while Biden himself didn’t catch and correct that gaffe, the White House staffers who prepared the transcript of the president’s remarks — which must truly be a challenging job — sure caught and corrected the mistaken utterance, and made it appear, without any notation, as though he had actually said, “But I sure in hell don’t think we should be defunding the FBI either.” (Emphasis added.)

Biden probably wants to increase funding for his politicized FBI

Obviously, given the fact that the FBI has become fully politicized and weaponized on President Biden’s behalf under the leadership of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, he would have zero intentions to cut the bureau’s funding, and quite likely wants to give the FBI even more taxpayer funding to continue to serve as the enforcement arm of his administration and the Democratic Party.

In the end, despite Americans hearing what Biden said, the White House and his acolytes in the media will insist that our lying ears deceived us, that Biden never even uttered a gaffe in the first place, and there is simply nothing wrong whatsoever with his apparent inability to form a coherent sentence or his declining cognitive capabilities.