Biden accused of deceptively ‘gaslighting’ Americans on inflation issue

The term “gaslighting” refers to making someone begin to doubt their own sanity, and it’s a tactic commonly deployed by abusers and politicians. According to one activist, it’s also a tactic President Joe Biden has resorted to using against the American public. 

In a recent story published by the Daily Caller, writer Patrice Lee Onwuka laid out why she believes Biden has been gaslighting Americans, in particular, about the skyrocketing inflation crisis.


“Americans are starting to despair,” wrote Onwuka, who serves as director of the Independent Women’s Forum’s Center for Economic Opportunity.

“Inflation hit a 40-year high in December 2021 as the consumer price index registered an increase of seven percent over the past 12 months,” she continued. “Spending 50 percent more to gas up our cars and over six percent more on food is challenging.”

Onwuka added: “The dual hardships of rising prices and shortages are painful for many Americans, and we are running out of alternatives to meet our needs.”

Yet, rather than address the problem honestly, Onwuka argued that the president has been “telling us to deny what we are seeing with our eyes and feeling in our wallets.”

She noted that although Biden “likes to tout” the fact that wages have ticked up, those numbers paint a deceptive picture.

Data doesn’t line up

Onwuka pointed to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) earlier this month showing that “real average hourly earnings — or wages adjusted for inflation — decreased 2.4 percent over the past year.”

What’s more, she noted the difficulty that many consumers now have in simply finding certain goods, comparing a trip to the grocery store with playing “a game of Pokemon Go,” a game in which players attempt to locate and catch rare and hard to find creatures — not unlike trying to find a block of cream cheese these days.

In Onwuka’s words, the reason for this situation isn’t hard to see, arguing that “government stimulus checks and expanded unemployment insurance — paid for with borrowed taxpayer money and debt to places like China — deterred people from going back to work.”

“The White House needs to acknowledge what everyone has known for some time: inflation is here to stay for a while,” she insisted.

“Then, our national leaders and the private sector can figure out how to get a key factor in price increases and production back online: getting workers back to work.”

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