Biden gives illegal immigrants VIP treatment at July 4 White House celebration

In his latest snub of the American people and their sovereignty, President Joe Biden gave illegal immigrants the VIP treatment at the White House on Sunday as the nation celebrated 245 years of independence, Breitbart reported. 

The immigrants represented were part of a group of “essential” workers who Biden brought to the White House for a July 4 ceremony.

The VIP treatment

In what appears to be a new take on the pro-corporate “illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans won’t do” narrative, Biden and the Democrats have sought to legitimize illegal immigrants by using the bureaucratic lingo introduced by COVID-19 busybodies — that is, by calling them “essential” to the economy.

In reality, some 50 million Americans are “essential” laborers, and illegal immigration isn’t doing any favors for their wages. Nobody understood that better than the late Cesar Chavez, the misused founder of the United Farm Workers union (UFW) and strident opponent of illegal labor.

His group is now pro-amnesty, however, and as such it received a special invitation from Biden to attend his Independence Day bash.

Selfies with Biden

A farmworker took a selfie with Biden and lobbied for the president to put pressure behind an amnesty for undocumented farmers that cleared the House with Republican support in March, the UFW proudly shared.

The group CASA also proudly touted the generosity the president showed to “immigrant essential workers,” tweeting, “This Fourth of July, immigrant essential workers from @CASA@ufwfoundation, & @UFWupdates are headed to the White House to celebrate and watch the fireworks.”

Dreams of amnesty

With 1 million migrants already apprehended at the border this fiscal year, Biden called on Congress to aggravate the problem with a mass amnesty at a naturalization ceremony on Friday, where he also praised Kamala Harris’s do-nothing role addressing “root causes” of the migrant crisis.

He misleadingly portrayed his “immigration reform” bill as beefing up “smart” border security, when it would actually provide huge incentives for illegal immigration by putting millions of non-citizens on a path to citizenship, and granting instant green cards to many overnight, including farmworkers.

According to the Washington Examiner, his administration also announced a new government-wide program this weekend to encourage millions of current green card holders and those “earlier in their immigration journeys” to pursue citizenship.

It’s no wonder America has a crisis at the border: The president doesn’t believe America is sovereign, and he treats Americans accordingly, even on America’s birthday. Sickening.

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