Biden goes from ‘no new drilling’ to calling for oil companies to ‘expand supply’

President Joe Biden is now calling for oil companies to expand their supply after just saying that he wants to see “no more drilling,” Fox News reports

Biden’s latest remarks on the subject came in the form of a Twitter message that he posted in the late afternoon on Monday.

This continues Biden and the left’s narrative that gas prices and oil prices are as high as they are, not because of his administration’s policies – which include refusing to allow more drilling on U.S. land – but because of “corporate greed.”

Biden declares “no more drilling”

However, the above tweet is not in line with comments that Biden made at a campaign event for New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) over the weekend.

There, towards the end of Biden’s speech, a protestor shouted something, which caused Biden to say, “no more drilling.”

The protestor, however, continued, and Biden, growing agitated, replied, “There is no more drilling. I haven’t formed any new drilling.”

Then the protestor pointed to “offshore drilling” that is taking place in the Gulf of Mexico and in the Antarctic, to which Biden said, “That was before I was president. We’re trying to work on that to get that done.”

Which is it, Joe?

Biden has many scratching their heads here. On the one hand, at Hotchul’s event, he made it clear that he wanted to end all drilling. Yet, on the other hand, in his Tweet, he calls for oil companies to “expand supply.”

It’s not immediately clear how you can occupy both positions, and the White House has yet to provide an explanation.

But it’s clear what is happening here, namely, the midterm elections.

Biden’s no drilling position appeases the left, and Biden’s attack on oil companies and his call for oil companies to “expand supply” is an attempt to appease those Americas who are struggling with the high costs of oil and gas. That’s why, in Biden’s mind, holding these two seemingly contradictory positions is logical.