Biden imposes new constraints on ICE agents to shield criminal illegal aliens from deportation

President Joe Biden just unveiled a new set of rules governing how U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents can do their jobs — and while foreign criminals can look forward to catching a break, everyday Americans have reason to worry.

According to Breitbart, the Biden administration’s new rules impose fresh constraints on the deportation of criminal illegal aliens and with that, effectively abolish the ability of ICE agents to keep America safe.

Under the terms of a memo released last Thursday, for the next 90 days, ICE agents will be required to obtain preapproval from a senior manager prior to deporting noncitizens who are not recent arrivals, a national security threat, or individuals with convictions for aggravated felonies. The document goes on to emphasize that “general criminal activity” by illegal aliens will henceforth not be regarded as “a national security threat.”

Close scrutiny

In its own report, Breitbart quoted an article from The Washington Post that said ICE officers will be placed under close scrutiny to ensure compliance with the new policy.

“Biden’s new rules require ICE field offices to submit weekly reports to Washington detailing the implementation,” the Post explained.

“A DHS [Department of Homeland Security] official, who spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity, said the increased transparency and accountability will ‘provide some opportunities for teachable moments’ and dialogue ‘about what enforcement actions were an appropriate allocation of resources, and where there might be improvements,'” the Post added.

Shielding potentially dangerous people

Breitbart also noted that under the Biden administration’s controversial new approach, undocumented migrants like Ivan Robles Navejas would have far less cause to fear deportation.

A citizen of Mexico, Navejas had a prior arrest for drunk driving and was out on bail after allegedly biting a man’s ear off when he was involved in a traffic accident last year that killed two U.S. Army veterans and two police officers.

The idea that Biden’s administration would go easy on criminal illegal immigrants is not surprising, however, given some of the rhetoric that he repeatedly used during last year’s presidential campaign.

“Change the culture”

In January 2020, then-candidate Biden said during a Vice News appearance that he would “change the culture” at ICE by firing agents who make arrests for non-felonious offenses.

“You change the culture by saying you are going to get fired,” Biden said during the interview, according to Inside Sources. “You are fired if, in fact, you do that,” he stressed.

“You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t count drunk driving as a felony,” the now-president added.

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41 Responses

      1. Biden the boob is giving a hell of a lot of money to China, Iran and Russia while they work on war games. Biden does not know what he is doing, he has dementia. Does anyone notice that Harris hangs out right next to Biden while he signs blank paper.
        She so stupid that I don’t think she can sleep her way out of this one. China will kill her also.

      2. Of course, America Last, again. He wants to send the vaccines everywhere and leave the Americans with 12% of the vaccine that President Trump did at warp speed. Huh huh.

    1. Yep illegals will jump the fence and the Chinese communists will be waiting to gun them down. Idiots, free, that’s all they heard. China will kill these people, oh well they won’t have to be deported.

    2. The commies won’t bother, they will shoot them as they drop over the border fence. Maybe there should be a sign, saying, don’t come here, unless you want to be shot for free.

  1. Someone please check this mans IQ…and memory…..n see if he really wnts to live in a country like China…..Someone needs to feel like they have ruined this country by their ignorant vote for this pair that acutally think they could run a country…doubtful if they can even balance a checkbook….they are a huge mistake for a free country.

    1. Lol, I just don’t understand it. There are Laws that deal with immigration. How can a stroke of a pin by 1 person can change that? It’s like during the summer riots or as CNN would say, protesters, how can 1 person, rather its a Mayor or even a Governor tell Law Enforcement too STAND DOWN AND NOT ENFORCE THE LAWS? This doesn’t make sense. It takes an act of congress to change or create Federal laws. It take a State Representatives to change or create State Laws. Strange!!

      1. CONTINUATION: Could a Mayor tell the local Police, lets say, “ON THIS PERTICULAR WEEKEND, YOU CAN NOT RESPOND TO ANY BANK ROBBERIES.” It’s insane but think about it…


      3. According to the Constitution Michael, those illegals are not allowed in the United States even overnight……….However, those DEM/RINOS have ignored the Constitution for a long time………

        Its up to WE THE LEGAL PEOPLE to keep them from living here in the U.S. without waiting their turn & having a job before they enter as a legal citizen………If they try, they can wind up in Potter’s field as too many of them are terrorists, mafia, virus carriers, looters, & rapists………

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    1. Buffoon Biden will have our country in the same state as California by March.
      The only thing Democrats can FIX is elections

    2. I thought that was Hunter who got the dui’s. Maybe not, since his father has been President Hunter gets all the drugs he wants. But the Chines have a plan for Hunter, as he is dead weight as a drug addict. They won’t be able to use him as long, as Harris and the other idiots.

  3. Obama told everyone when he was running for his first term that he was going to transform America. He’s finally at the point where he’s able to do it.

    1. Into what, Communist China, I don’t think these idiots know that they won’t be enjoying much, as communist China will line them up and kill them. Communism does not pay anybody.

    2. Obama transformed it all right, into a trash can, then the Americans voted the fool back in again, so he could really deplete everything America had.

  4. Joe Biden is a communist and he should get impeached before he does anymore damage to our country. he is no good

    1. Joe Biden THINKS China likes him. They are using him and everyone in the White House and Congress. And the RINOS in the senate. They are all to stupid to realize that President Trump will save there sorry butts. Communist China will kill these stupid people, as soon as they are finished using them.

  5. Oh the puppets will go not as they wish, Communist China will kill them, after they are finished using them. Communism pays NOBODY.

  6. Biden, knock knock, Hello are you there? Joe, knock knock, answer the door, Joe… Guess Joe isn’t there, he’s hiding in the basement, again…..

  7. There is an emergency at the boarder and there has been for years. The rumor of biden opening up the souther boarder has made the emergency untenable. With new constraints on ICE agents it has become a night mare. Biden has no idea of the good and its repercussions. He real is an idiot, and brain damaged.

  8. All illegal aliens that have committed a crime of any kind and are being released need to be released into the fenced capital for Pelosi and crew to deal with. That’s justice!!

  9. I believe all this idiocy on the part of our “President” proves that he is being controlled by others who are lining their pockets with Chinese money. Let the drugs flow from China. Good luck America. It was nice knowing you.

  10. Since joe biden is ditching “AMERICA FIRST”, what the hell, MORON doesn’t even know what country he’s in!!!!!!!!

  11. Biden you really suck. You are purposely trying to kill America. Oh how I wish you bad karma for the rest of your life 10 fold. You are the devil.

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