Biden in ‘hiding’ for much of August, top staffers running White House: Report

One of then-candidate Joe Biden’s most obvious weaknesses during the campaign trail was his preference to run the race from his basement. He “hid” in his home for so long that it became a story, and a point of mockery for his critics, including former President Donald Trump.

While some dismissed his basement days as nothing more than a precautionary measure to avoid COVID-19, it has recently become clear, once again, that when the going gets tough, Biden’s handlers stash him away. This time, it’s under the guise of vacation and “working vacations” from one of his luxury Delaware homes. 

As Breitbart noted, the president has spent the majority of the month of August almost completely away from press, the White House, and business as usual.

The length of time he’s been away is now raising serious questions, as the few times Biden has been seen on camera, he looks even more confused than he typically does.

Who’s running things?

Breitbart, among others, also noted that Biden’s primary handlers, such as chief of staff Ron Klain and adviser Susan Rice, have been handling the bulk of his communications and day-to-day tasks.

The outlet noted: “He has spent most of August out of sight, as he spent a week at Kiawah Island before returning to Delaware for another week off. This week, the president only emerged from his home in Delaware to golf once with his brother James on Friday and once with his deceased son Beau Biden’s father-in-law Ron Olivere.”

While Klain bragged that he can “definitely get more done” with Biden out of the White House, he also recently defended the lack of Biden sightings in public, and in true liberal fashion, somehow blamed Trump.

“I don’t think it’s true he’s out there less than his predecessors,” Klain said. “I just think Donald Trump created an expectation of a president creating a shitstorm every single day.”

Either way, even while Trump was taking working vacations from Mar-a-Lago and elsewhere, a person literally couldn’t keep a microphone out of his face. He loved talking to the press and keeping America apprised of what was going on at any given time, which is a stark contrast to the secrecy-laden Biden White House.

“Unity summit?”

Apparently, Rice and other advisers are also worried about angry Trump supporters after the FBI’s seemingly unconstitutional raid on Mar-a-Lago. In response, the White House has reportedly scheduled a “unity summit” to take place in September, while Americans will undoubtedly still be struggling to pay for groceries and energy bills.

Rice told reporters the planned summit will help “counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and public safety.”

What would be much more effective than a silly summit is even a small dose of genuine transparency from the FBI and DOJ, where they could explain exactly why they raided the private home of a former president and possible future political opponent.


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