Biden, in latest dangerous and humilating gaffe, applauds China

 March 25, 2023

Fox News reports that U.S. President Joe Biden just accidentally praised China. 

What is worse is that Biden did so on the world stage, once again embarrassing himself and America before the world.

Take a look for yourself here:

"I applaud China"

The above video is from a speech that Biden made before the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Canada, on Friday.

There, Biden decided to speak about the immigration policies that the United States has implemented under Biden's leadership. This is where the video picks up.

"In the United States, we're expanding legal pathways for migration, to seek safety and humanitarian…humanitarian basis, while discouraging unlawful migration that feeds exploitation and human trafficking," Biden said, stumbling along the way, as he often does.

Then, came Biden's gaffe. "So, today, I applaud China for stepping out...excuse me, I applaud Canada," he said.

The gaffe generated laughter from the members of Canada's parliament. Biden attempted to save himself, saying, "You can tell what I'm thinking…about China. I won't get into that yet. I applaud Canada's stepping up of similar programs."

"You can tell what I'm thinking about China" - Could we?

Biden, according to the New York Post, was attempting to praise Canada "for agreeing to accept 15,000 more migrants per year from Latin American countries — in exchange for the US consenting to Canadian efforts to deport those caught sneaking illegally into Canada."

This is in line with Biden's new immigration policy, which seeks to provide another legal avenue - via a humanitarian parole program - for illegal immigrants to gain access to the United States. Critics, however, maintain that Biden is simply using this program as a strategy to artificially deflate the astronomically high illegal immigration numbers that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been recording at the southern border.

Putting that issue off to the side, Biden clearly has China on his mind these days, and likely for good reason. As the Post reports:

Republicans in Congress routinely attempt to link the Biden family’s income from Chinese business ventures to the president’s alleged softness on issues such as determining the origins of COVID-19 . . .

We saw Biden, once again, doing this during his speech in Canada - both by refusing to acknowledge the fact that China plays a substantial role in the smuggling of fentanyl into the United States and by claiming that China and Russia's economic partnership is "vastly" exaggerated.

Perhaps, Biden actually did intend to "praise China." It certainly would not be out of line with his administration.

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