Biden claims economy moving ‘in the right direction’ after jobs report numbers revised down

Throughout last year’s presidential campaign, then-candidate Joe Biden promised his supporters — and the entire country — that he would revitalize America’s pandemic-battered economy.

However, nearly four months have passed since he took the oath of office, and those promises have yet to be fulfilled — at least, that’s what ominous new data coming out of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics would seem to suggest. According to The Daily Wire, the number of jobs added in March was revised, and not for the better.

On Friday, The Daily Wire cited a report from Bloomberg News that indicated the increase of 916,000 jobs in the March jobs report has since been revised down to 770,000 jobs — a remarkable decrease and far from the good news Biden spent months promising the country.

Weak jobs report

The most recent jobs report is another obstacle for the struggling Biden administration — an administration facing an evolving crisis at the southern U.S. border that it can’t seem to control as well as a legislative agenda being held up by members of its own party.

The jobs report also includes a spike in the rate of unemployment among African Americans, as well as those without a college education. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate among Latinos remained flat.

Additionally, some 18,000 manufacturing jobs disappeared, and there were no employment gains made by construction workers. Overall, the unemployment rate increased to 6.1% and nearly 10 million Americans remain jobless.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the latest numbers “are down considerably from their recent highs in April 2020 but remain well above their levels prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.”

It noted that in February 2020, the unemployment rate was a mere 3.5% and just 5.7 million Americans were looking for work.

Biden’s spin

Biden hilariously attempted to slap a positive spin on the numbers, with The Daily Wire quoting him as saying that “there’s more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction.”

“This month’s job numbers show we’re on the right track,” Biden said, adding that his priority is “growing the nation’s economy and creating jobs.”

However, many on the right side of the political aisle had a far less rosy perspective, with Donald Trump Jr. tweeting: “Biden isn’t the next FDR, he’s the next Jimmy Carter.”

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo chimed in as well, tweeting, “The April jobs report illustrates what we already knew — our America First administration was bringing jobs back and building the strongest economy we’ve had in decades. Biden’s big government economy is crushing jobs.”

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14 Responses

  1. We all knew this guy was a failure. What made anyone think that his track record for nearly 50 years was going to be any different?

  2. Everything this Dingbat does is a disaster. No one has any to stand up to them. I emailed the Republican Party and told them things that are wrong with the policies. Also emailed the Democratic Party and told them what I thought of their policies. Maybe someone will listen and act. I doubt it on the Dems side. Maybe if some of you do it?

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  4. He is clueless and so are his handlers. The Dems have NO IDEA how to use economics to our advantage (or they are letting foreign nations telling the Deep State what to do to destroy America) It is either clueless voo-doo economics or it is a buy-off from other countries. One or the other: take your pick! Could also be both!! So sad to see all of our President’s (Trump) hard work go down the drain. It should be the swamp being washed down the drain instead.

  5. The Demo-rats don;t care!
    They figure they will simply keep handing out everyone else’s money and all will be well

  6. sleepy communist bozo biden
    i guess this is how you plan to build back better by bankrupting our country as you try to destroy our constitution
    Now you are trying to hide the LEGIMATE election AUDITS I have to wonder just how MUCH FRAUD YOU AND YOUR MINYIONS ARE TRYING TO HIDE
    President TRUMP WON the election NOT YOU

  7. We are in a Civil Revolution, a cross between a civil war and a revolution and I now know what it means that we must fight for our freedoms.

  8. Biden is an UNFUNNY joke. How much longer will he be allowed to keep his strangle hold on America ??? He is just a front for Soros and Obama. He is doing what Obama was afraid to do and Soros has never been shy about his ambitions to ruin America !!! WHAT will it take to be rid of him (or them) ??

  9. This is what Obama wanted him to do. He does nothing by himself. They want to destroy us. Get China stronger. To even say they thought it would make things better is huge fake off. Maybe they did that to cram something through on us before the jig was up…..nothing good will come from them, they have done nothing good & will do nothing good until we’ve taken care of them for good.

  10. As a 76 year old senior citizen that grew up in a poor family losing my father to a strokie at 8 years of age, I have been very “blessed” economically due to hard work and paying my way through a bachelors and masters degree. I am very concerned about the future of this country for my children and grandchildren.

  11. “Biden hilariously attempted to slap a positive spin on the numbers, with The Daily Wire quoting him as saying that “there’s more evidence our economy is moving in the right direction.”

    Oh?? How so?? Our economy IS NOT moving in the right direction. Just look at the increase in prices of lumber and energy (gasoline and Diesel fuel) since President Trump left office, and the INCOMPETENT Sleepy Joe Biden took over. 0bama was bad enough, but Joe’s even worse!!

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