Biden raises eyebrows with claim that he ‘likes kids better than people’

President Joe Biden has a lengthy history of weaving folksy idioms and various gaffes into his public statements, and he has also attracted some concern for his behavior — especially around women and children.

Both of these personality traits appeared to collide in one moment during a recent CNN town hall event when Biden told host Anderson Cooper that he “likes kids better than people.”

“I don’t want to hear this”

The awkward exchange came during the opening segment of the event when the president made mention of Cooper’s recently born son.

“And you know you enjoy being home with the baby more,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript. “I don’t want to hear this.”

Cooper agreed, adding with a chuckle: “I do. Yes. He’s nine and a half months, so I’m very happy.”

Using a line he has previously incorporated into public remarks, Biden responded that “everybody knows” he likes “kids better than people.”

A number of social media users brought up Biden’s controversial track record of being a bit too physical with children for some people’s taste, but the Daily Wire opted to cover the remark from a decidedly more serious and consequential viewpoint.

Biden’s policies belie his rhetoric

Despite his professed love for children, pro-life Americans are sure to note that Biden’s goodwill does not extend to the unborn, as Amanda Prestigiacomo wrote. The president’s pro-choice agenda has been evident since the presidential campaign and is coming to fruition through his actions early on in his term.

As an example, Biden has shifted his stance on the so-called Hyde Amendment, a longstanding U.S. policy preventing taxpayer dollars from funding abortion services through public healthcare programs like Medicaid. In June, he spoke out decisively against the amendment.

He has also rescinded the so-called “Mexico City policy,” which prohibits U.S. taxpayer funding of abortions and related counseling around the world.

Furthermore, the president acted to reverse a Trump-era policy stripping taxpayer funding from Planned Parenthood.

Notwithstanding his clear support for abortion both at home and abroad, Biden’s supposed love for children also does not appear to apply to in-person learning. His administration has waffled on the issue amid a continuing pandemic, generally siding with teachers’ unions reluctant to support plans for reopening schools across the U.S., according to the New York Post.

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27 Responses

    1. Me either, Carol. And I bet he really likes little kids that are “girls”. Hey, are you by any way from Texas. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA.

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      1. Well if she should become President , it would be in direct violation of our Constitution which states that both parents , must be citizens either natural or naturalized . Both of Harris’ parents were British Subjects . Her being born on American soil had nothing to do with it . The Democrats like to twist and play games to use the Constitution when it is of benefit to them . If it does not serve their purpose then is is simple a document to be ignored .
        If you will recall , they challenged Ted Cruz eligibility back in 2012 as he was born on foreign soil even though his parents were citizens

  2. If he sounds creepy he is creepy….he is definitely not a leader…VP under Obama should have wised the left up then…..he loves taking things away from people …but let’s all forget about Hunter’s investigation…where is that going…or did they forget to do it?????

  3. Marxists. NY school wants parents to become white traitors. What happened to race not being important? Biden has a racist agenda. Yet he is telling people, others are racist. U.S.A. has helped people from all races, Religions, etc. for years. Yes there are problems in the Police Department and outside. But saying the country is racist is a lie. Everyday people go to work, school and other places and mingle with different races and Religions, etc. They get along and even become friends. Wow! People do not need these wrong ideas pushed in their faces. Those that push these ideas are idiots. Glad Biden and his no good followers have time for this garbage. What happened to actually unite the Nation? Woke garbage. Think Biden needs to go back to sleep. Schools are fine without all this nonsense. Schools have run fine for a long time. There are some problems. Taking the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem away is stupid. This is what soldiers have died for. So, do not push this nonsense and not only disrespect them, but the Nation.

  4. Biden is a real a hole. He needs to take the swamp with him and go for a nice long rest and never come back. NONE OF THEM !!!

  5. Biden’s a Puppet! I wonder who is really pulling the strings. He gets up to the podium at the facility where the vaccine is being made and he’s completely lost for words until a teleprompter is put up. Then he squints to read the words and just moves his head back and forth with no emotion when he reads off the teleprompter,Disgusting!

  6. I will never believe that this, “Degenerate” was legally elected President! He is, a, “Certified Crook!” He and his, “Criminal Son Hunter,” should be in prison, not in any political office! The whole, Biden family are, “Cheats, Crooks And Liars!” How could the American people elect him to anything? He cannot be allowed to further corrupt our country any longer! Please, investigate the 2020 election and put the legal winner back into office, Donald Trump!

  7. Let’s see Bill Clinton was the comeback kid, Obama was a post turtle, Biden is a puppet, I can’t remember what Hillary Clinton was…there are so many to choose from.

  8. Proof is piling up that the election was hacked by Italy, China, & Russia. The vote counting machines have been proven to be defective and manipulated to falsely report Biden as the winner. Mounds of evidence from multiple states prove that the election was not accurate or legitimate, yet the Democrats and the Media cover it all up and deny that the proof is there, and they call Trump a liar for telling the truth. Now we are paying a huge penalty with Biden & Harris.
    Biden’s Justice Department has stopped all investigations into the voter frauds, which we all know has gone on for years, but never as bad as 2020. God help us to find a way to repair the damage and prevent another disaster like this one.

  9. I do not understand the parents that do not do anything when he molests their daughter. Do that to my daughter and, Secret Service or not, he would find himself on his back.

    1. I remember one Senator did pull his granddaughter away from him years ago. I wish I could remember which Senator did this, but I did see it on the news.

  10. Biden told host Anderson Cooper that he “likes kids better than people.”
    That is because Biden is a CHILD PEDOPHILE and should be in prison not the oval office

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