Report: Frank Biden weasels out of another legal scrape in Florida

Once again, President Joe Biden’s younger brother Frank has received no consequences for allegedly breaking the law — but at least this time, nobody died.

The younger Biden was able to get a speeding ticket forgiven in Florida because the ticketing officer was absent from court for “training” that ended the day after the case was dismissed, according to Breitbart News. 

The case reportedly stemmed from a January 2021 traffic stop in Palm Beach, but neither the officer nor Frank Biden or his legal team was in court on June 16 for the hearing.

Breitbart found that Frank Biden had 15 traffic citations in Palm Beach, including driving with a suspended license. He has previously had at least five arrests for DUI and driving with a suspended license.

Not the worst of it

While Frank Biden reportedly spent time on probation for some of the previous infractions, he has never done jail time and has continued to flout the law, as this latest incident shows.

Perhaps the worst offense by the now-president’s brother happened in 1999, however, when he was apparently involved in the death of a single father of two, who was killed by the driver of a car the younger Biden was renting and in which he was a passenger.

According to the Daily Mail, Frank Biden was never charged in the incident, but was later found partially responsible when witnesses said he put the car in manual gear and told the driver to “punch it.”

The driver was said to have been doing as much as 80 miles per hour when he struck a pedestrian, Michael Albano. In a civil suit, Frank Biden was eventually ordered to pay each of Albano’s daughters $275,000, plus interest, the Daily Mail said. He now owes them over $1 million, but has never paid a penny, reports allege.

“No assets”

The Albano family even reached out to Joe Biden in 2008 when he was running as Barack Obama’s vice president, but Joe told them his brother had “no assets” and could not pay them, the Daily Mail reported.

This is despite Frank Biden’s own claims in 2009 that he owned a string of charter schools and had access to a private jet.

Frank Biden is just another example of the way members of the Biden family have lived above the law for decades now. Hunter Biden has also seemed to flout the law with a similar lack of consequences despite endless investigations into his conduct.

Of course, if the president deals with his family the same way he dealt with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last week, it’s no wonder they think they can get away with anything.

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