Biden likely unable to push legislative agenda through narrowly divided Congress

During last year’s presidential campaign, much was made of then-candidate Joe Biden’s four-decade legislative career in the United States Senate.

Yet, as Breitbart reporter Haris Alic pointed out, those hoping Biden would deliver quick legislative wins are likely in for a disappointment.

“Compromise is not a dirty word, it’s how our government is designed to work,” Alic quoted Biden as telling the National Education Association teachers’ union during a speech in July.

“I’ve done it my whole life,” the former Delaware senator continued, stressing, “I’ve been able to bring Democrats and Republicans together in the United States Congress to pass big things, to deal with big issues.”

Sinema, Manchin could be an obstacle

Yet Alic observed that despite his rhetoric, “the president’s legislative agenda appears to have stalled” less than two weeks into his new administration.

“The problem,” Alic argued, “is partly a result of the president’s own actions, but also a result of institutional disarray among Democrats.”

While Democrats now control both chambers on Capitol Hill, Alic emphasized that this hold will be tenuous at best.

“The Senate Democrat conference not only includes strong progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the incoming chairman of the Budget Committee, but also moderates like Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ),” he noted.

Divided caucus

That will pose a problem, Alic predicted, because although the party’s more progressive wing may have stronger numbers, “the Senate’s rules and procedures strongly favor minority dissent over majority rule.”

This potential for internal conflict isn’t limited to the Senate, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) presides over a narrow majority following a string of unexpected losses in November that eliminated some of her caucus’ less strident members.

“Earlier this month, Pelosi was narrowly re-elected as leader after encumbering opposition from moderate Democrats, many of whom opted to vote ‘present’ instead of supporting the speaker,” Alic recalled.

He added, “Pelosi’s divided conference and more broadly her reduced majority, which is only three seats at the moment because of vacancies, has created a shaky foundation upon which to govern.”

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20 Responses

  1. A third world government terrorist take over.
    1. Rule by executive order
    2. Putting a predecessor on trial.
    3. Censorship of opposition.
    4. Attacking the private sector.
    5. Exploiting identity politics.
    6. Challenging judicial independence.
    7. Purging former officials
    8. Encouraging a slavish media.
    9. Military in the streets.

    I am terrified.

  2. Everything I and others see, says the government has lied to people. Some still believe Trump is the bad guy. But when you look at the facts, Biden and the most of the Democrats, and the cities they run, media that covers that, are all based on propaganda and lies. China now wants Americans DNA. Can any Democrat tell me why this is not covered in the news? Everything James says above reflects what Biden and the Democrats are about. So stop believing what Biden says, believe what he has done. Corruption.

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  4. Mal-Practice of Office

    Is this not the same reasoning the Dems tried to Impeach Donald Trump over? How many financial bribes has the Trump family accepted from any other country and how many National Security issues did the Trump family profit over from the oil gas and pipeline industry stopping what was keeping our country safe? How many Americans and Canadians have now lost their incomes creating more National Security Issues? How about border security drugs, illegals, murders and child exploitation. What “State” now being run by Democrats operates in the black? What about shipping money oversees when Americans are trying to overcome the Flu created by China? Our New President has violated all of above and more when will it stop signing executive orders does not make it right or American.

    Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body both makes and decides upon legal charges against a government official. .. In the United States, for example, impeachment at the federal level is limited to those who may have committed “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. Treason the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. Bribery the giving or offering of a bribe. “High crimes and misdemeanors” is surely the most troublesome, misleading phrase in the U.S. Constitution. Taken at face value, the words seem to say that impeachable conduct is limited to “crimes”—offenses defined by criminal statutes and punishable in criminal courts. That impression is reinforced by the fact that the phrase follows the obviously criminal “treason” and “bribery” in Article II’s list of the kinds of conduct for which the “President, Vice President and all civil officers” may be impeached. The Convention came to its choice of words describing the grounds for impeachment after much deliberation, but the phrasing derived directly from the English practice. On June 2, 1787, the framers adopted a provision that the executive should “be removable on impeachment & conviction of mal-practice or neglect of duty.”

  5. This should be on Billboards all over America!! “There are none so blind as
    those who WILL NOT SEE!!!! A lot of “blind” people are going to be soooo
    shocked very shortly! America has been invaded and most people are too
    blind to see it! Trump saw it coming and did his best to prevent it but we
    have too many blind legislators!
    Those of you who promoted Bidens henchmen should apologize to my grandchildren for destroying America!

      1. Prophecy is in Revelations, but the blind will not pay attention. There is only one solution, but how many will rely on man’s selfish solutions? You either accept God or Satan. There are only two choices. Do you stand for God or Satan?

  6. The difference between the Trump Presidency and the biden presidency is President Trump’s agenda of America 1st and his during his Presidency America America came 1st and biden has show America that on his agenda America come’s last. The Trump agenda was about putting American workers 1st and the biden agenda is putting China + ahead of American workers as evidenced with the pipe line that he threw in the waste basket effecting 90 thousand workers +++++. Their is more destruction every time he picks up his pen like public bathrooms that are open to men or women, boys and girls. My suggestion is if you are a prayer warrior pray to the Living God for a quick resolve to the problems that a biden presidency is re-opening the doors to a flood gate of legislation that is destroying our nation.

  7. There are an unbelievable number of people who either believe what Biden’s been telling them or are unwilling to admit that they’ve been conned! I wonder how long it will take for them to admit that they made a mistake that will take them AT LEAST 4 years of suffering to correct! If Harris takes over, there’s NO END in sight!!!

  8. That ignorant old man has done nothing for 47 yrs and now he plans to destroy America. With obuma and the rest of the minions from obumas time are a bunch of liars and lovers of communist China. They must be stopped. Piglosi must be stopped.

  9. For those of you who voted for Biden – not one peep because you are the cause of this FUBAR. Maybe next time you’ll use your brain when you vote instead of letting hate drive you to vote for the corrupt politician and the whore.

    1. I served in the military and have to respect the office of the President, Constitution first though. di you just call Melania a whore? She was a famous model and clothing designer. I bet your husband cheats on you a lot. What a disgrace to our country. All other comments are on point.

      1. I think she was referring to Biden — but, although, his wife is a ‘false’ doctor, I don’t believe she is a w—. There obviously is some corruption in the Biden dealings, during his political career – so the name ‘corrupt politician’ would seem to be correct….

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