Biden brings back old lie about being ‘shot at’ overseas

President Joe Biden has a history of telling false, exaggerated stories, and rising to the nation’s highest office hasn’t changed him into the virtuous public servant he pretends to be.

Biden raised some eyebrows on Thursday when he said he was “shot at,” bringing back an old lie that got him in trouble back in 2007, the Washington Examiner reported.

“You have great personal courage. I’ve been with some of you when we’ve been shot at,” Biden reportedly told State Department employees.

Biden revives the tall tale

The comment is similar to one that Biden retracted under pressure in 2007, when he was accused of stolen valor for saying at a presidential debate that he had been shot at in Baghdad’s Green Zone. A fuller version of the story was not as cinematic as Biden initially suggested.

“Veterans don’t like it when people mischaracterize their service, people who overstate what happens to them,” Patrick Campbell, legislative director for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, said at the time, according to The Hill. “We have names for them.”

Biden later told The Hill that he was “near where a shot landed” and that a mortar had rattled a building where he was inside shaving. “No one got up and ran from the room — it wasn’t that kind of thing,” he said. “It’s not like I had someone holding a gun to my head.”

His story got more complicated when his aides mentioned two other incidents in which aircraft Biden was traveling in might have been fired upon.

Old habits die hard

Biden has told many such bizarre, colorful lies over the years, often describing perilous situations in foreign lands. When he claimed in 2008 that his helicopter was “forced down” in Afghanistan on the “superhighway of terror,” then-Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) clarified that it was because of snow, not jihadists.

Biden’s active imagination has often forced his staff to clarify his stories. On the campaign trail, Biden claimed to have been arrested while trying to see Nelson Mandela and told a completely invented narrative about flying to Afghanistan to award a medal to a soldier, reports noted.

While Biden’s political career is full of such tall tales, he has told more prosaic lies as well. Since taking office, he has broken his promise of sending out $2,000 stimulus checks “immediately,” now claiming that the $2,000 includes $600 that went out under former President Donald Trump.

Old habits die hard, as they say. Of course, Biden is hardly the only politician to make up dramatic stories for political effect. Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton infamously took flak for a false account of landing in Bosnia under sniper fire in 1996. The video shows Clinton calmly walking on the tarmac.

“So I made a mistake. That happens. It shows I’m human, which for some people is a revelation,” she said, according to The Washington Times.

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29 Responses

    1. He doesn’t know the difference because he has lied all his life and to him the lies are now true. This man could have never become president in a fair election and he proves it more each and every day.

      1. you got that right! and if we didn’t have a swamp in DC and all the judicial systems across the county, most of them would be in jail right now

    2. Isn’t this what all democrats and liberals do, LIE. Unfortunately like his VP, Pelosi, Schumer and the gang, they all lie to get their way without regard of who gets hurt along the way. I have to admit, some of the lies are so outrageous and they have been saying them for so long that they actually believe them. According to these people, The Americans are stupid and will follow everything they say.

  1. Biden is starting to sound like AOC with lies and stories for ,hopefully,more sympathy and support. If it were true Biden would not be able to tell the “story”.

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  3. Well, he fits right in the the Democrats. All they know how to do is lie. Some day the Democrats will go down in a heap of flames when they all go to hell to pay for all the lies they tell. A good Christian knows that a lie is as bad as murder. How many murders have the Democrats been involved in.

  4. Americans, THIS is the guy that you let into The Oval Office. To date, he has provided us with more than three weeks of INDECISION and BAD DECISIONS. For those of you who voted for this NON-ACHIEVING PHONY, I hope you are proud of yourselves about now.

    His has already shown signs of taking us on a DOWNWARD SPIRAL. This country is now in jeopardy on several fronts. It is THIS GUY that we need to keep a leash on, NOT the guy who just left The White House. And GOD FORBID that he leads us to rule under “KAMMIE” — which is the ultimate OUTRAGE …

    1. I can’t get over the lies they are telling about Trump and they believe everything they say I listen to all of them tell the same bull sit over and over again

  5. If Trump ever made such a claim and it was a lie. It would have been breaking news and replayed over and over. Biden, all that is heard are crickets.

    1. Sheep you are so right. I pray that they impeach all the dems. I believe by time he’s out America won’t be the same. Millions of illegals will burn down, loot, and kill many of us. Then we won’t have anything to protect ourselves. Biden will take our guns away. What about our lives I guess we don’t count.

  6. Like most democrats he does not know what the truth is,other than what ever comes to mind to further their corrupt agenda

  7. Hey folks, you better realize that Biden and company lie and msm will never report it or if they do they will just fluf it off as ‘so what, no big deal’ so get used to it. This administration just executed a coup d’etat and even the SCOTUS basically said ‘oh well, no big deal’.
    Every day since this fraud election, I feel down cuz I never in a 1000 years would of thought that this illegitimate turd would have had soooo many POS people in this country that would of allowed this coup to happen.

  8. If Sleazy Joe didn’t lie and “make up” stories, he wouldn’t have anything to say. I sincerely doubt the guy even knows the meaning of “tell the truth.” 🐍

  9. I have always said the two things that go hand in hand is a liar and a thief.
    Oh crap that just defined the entire democratic party .
    Sorry but you know they say only the truth hurts.

  10. The fact is, his dementia issue has probably caused him to forget it is a lie to begin with. He now believes his own lies! I don’t know what is worse, the fact it’s a lie to begin with, or the fact he has dementia clouding his memory and judgment!

  11. My biggest concern over the years is did Hillary teach Joe how to pay-and-play, or was it vice versa? Didn’t they both claim being shot at?
    It’s a good thing for them only Jason Hayes and the Seal Team were not sent after them, tic.

  12. Dem are worried about superspreaders then why is there now open borders with no checks on the incoming people for anything.

  13. Those who voted for him bought all his lies hook, line and sinker. What does it say of the gullibleness of the deranged democratic party? Oh my mistake of the 70000000, he the illegitimate court jester in charge, claims voted for him, a little over 47000000 are in the records as registered democratic voters. So here again, 70000000 voted for him? Buffalo bagels! Remember many democrats didn’t vote for ” walter” in a suitcase biden.

  14. Maybe it was out troops takin aim creepy and by the way The only one were at war with is you and your China friends, what have you got against the American people being employed? You have put more Americans out of work with your low IQ agenda and continue to do so….by the way have you heard Breitbart noted that the Pope said the coronavirus pandemic “reminded us of the value of life, of every individual human life and its dignity, at every moment of its earthly pilgrimage, from conception in the womb until its natural end.” Life at conception is a concept that is diametrically opposed to the abortion-on-demand platform of Joe Biden. Yet ,he remains firmly in the pro-abortion camp. Those aborted souls Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi you are responsible for are waiting for you on the other side and looking at your ages they will not have long to wait also all those dead they you claim voted for you are also waiting best of luck in the after life.

  15. I like your reports but will not share with Facebook. Why would a Conservative media want us to share to a censorship platform?

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