Biden lies about fate of 2020 election lawsuits in federal courts, Supreme Court

President Joe Biden delivered a hyperbolic speech on voting rights in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tuesday that was replete with reckless rhetoric and demonization toward his political opposition. The speech was full of partisan misinterpretations, half-truths, and blatant lies about Republican-led state election reform efforts.

While there were several to choose from, arguably Biden’s most egregious departure from the truth was his implication that the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, had fully heard and ruled against the merits of the many 2020 election-related lawsuits, Breitbart reported.

In fact, virtually none of the lawsuits challenging the 2020 election results or altered election procedures ever even made it far enough for evidence to be presented, much less considered and ruled upon, as nearly all of the cases were dismissed for lack of standing or on technicalities.

Biden’s outright lies

“With recount after recount after recount, court case after court case, the 2020 election was the most scrutinized election ever in American history,” President Biden claimed.

“Challenge after challenge brought to local, state, and election officials; state legislatures; state and federal courts — even to the United States Supreme Court not once, but twice,” he continued.

“More than 80 judges, including those appointed by my predecessor, heard the arguments,” Biden said. “In every case, neither cause nor evidence was found to undermine the national achievement of administering this historic election in the face of such extraordinary challenges.”

The president proceeded to reference the limited audits and recounts that had been conducted in some counties and states after the election, saying, “No other election has ever been held under such scrutiny and such high standards,” adding, “The Big Lie is just that: a big lie.”

Fact-checking the falsehoods

Except, as Breitbart pointed out, it is Biden and his fellow Democrats who have espoused a “big lie” in terms of mischaracterizing the fate of the dozens of election-related lawsuits, particularly with regard to the Supreme Court.

As it turned out, the Supreme Court actually declined to even consider the two election-related cases that came before it, the first being an appeal over mail-in voting procedural changes upheld by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and the second being a state-vs-state lawsuit led by Texas that was summarily dismissed for lack of standing.

According to The Daily Signal, that was but one of six major falsehoods in Biden’s speech worthy of being fact-checked, with another of those untrue claims also being made about the Supreme Court, this time for allegedly weakening the Voting Rights Act with a recent ruling that did nothing of the sort. The ruling merely determined that a pair of Arizona voting rules did not violate federal law.

Other falsities uttered by Biden in his speech included his continued hyperbolic comparison of Republican election reform measures to the racist “Jim Crow” laws of the previously segregated South, as well as a claim that those measures are solely intended to “intimidate” and suppress Democratic voters and election workers.

Biden also insisted that the GOP state-level reforms would make it “harder to vote” when, in actuality, those reforms tend to expand early voting while standardizing alternative voting options. The president also made a dubious claim that Republicans were trying to change “who gets to count the vote,” though he offered no evidence to support the assertion, nor is it even clear what he was referring to, as none of the election reform efforts have made such changes.

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