Polls peg Biden at lower approval rating than Trump, Obama when they took office: Report

The numbers are in — and President Joe Biden isn’t going to like them.

A poll taken by Rassmussen the week that Biden took office showed the new president’s approval rating was significantly lower than both Donald Trump and Barack Obama’s had been when they started their respective terms in the White House, the Washington Examiner‘s Paul Bedard reported.

According to Rassmussen, only 48% of those surveyed said they approved of Biden, and 45% disapproved. By contrast, 56% approved of Trump as he took office in 2017, and 67% approved of Obama when he took office in 2009, Bedard said.

Both Trump’s and Obama’s initial approval ratings were some of their highest, and approval tended to go down the longer they were in office. With less than half of respondents giving Biden a thumbs-up last week, it’s a trend that doesn’t bode well for the new president.

Biden off to a rough start

Breaking down Biden’s numbers, Biden is actually underwater with both women and white Americans in the poll, Bedard notes. At 48%, more women disapproved of Biden than approved, at just 46%. Meanwhile, 51% of white respondents disapproved of Biden, while just 43% approved.

Overall, 38% of respondents strongly disapproved of Biden, while 36% strongly approved, giving him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -2% upon entering office, according to Rasmussen — not a great accomplishment.

In other polling by Rassmussen, voters opposed Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit and, by a 2-to-1 margin, wanted leaders to stop the migrant caravan that was headed to the U.S. from Honduras.

Biden’s key goals for his first day in office seemed to be to undo as much of the Trump agenda as possible, including executive orders related to climate change and immigration, among other left-wing priorities. But voters don’t seem to be responding particularly well to it all.

Trump ends on a higher note

Trump, for his part, saw a rise in approval rating during his last few days in office, with supporters likely feeling protective of the embattled leader as Democrats and even some establishment Republicans sought to blame him for a riot at the Capitol and impeach him a second time without hearing any testimony.

Trump’s final approval rating was 51% as he left the Oval Office, with 48% saying they disapproved of him, according to Newsweek.

Of course, it’s easier to like someone who won’t be around any longer than someone you know you now have to deal with for the next four years.

Still, Biden is not proving to be as popular a president as some would like to think. Only time will tell if that proves to be a problem for him as he seeks to push through his liberal agenda.

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45 Responses

  1. And it’s going to get worse as more and more Biden voters realize what a terrible mistake they made!

    1. NO ONE voted for him. There’s no mistake by voters. He stole the election ! How could he think America wants him when we didn’t vote for him? And look at the crazy things he’s doing! We need him out of our white house NOW!

    2. That’s the only good thing about this nightmare. Is getting to see all the Biden supporters realizing just how big a mistake they made. No jobs, higher taxes, less freedom and more communism. I’m looking forward to laughing at them as they stand in the soup lines to get food, while the illegals are enjoying steak and lobster on their dime.

  2. Biden couldn’t win a popularity contest if his opponent was a rattlesnake. Many would vote for the snake. He have no appeal except for acouple blind devoted followers like the liberal media. Chris Wallace being his number one fan.

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  4. Pedo Joe could not get a dozen to a rally when he was running for office and the only way he had anyone at his Inauguration was because they were there under orders and could not leave without great trouble for themselves. I am shocked that Rasmussen has a poll that actually reports NEGATIVE numbers.

  5. Sleepy Joe Biden, well it is time to Impeach this illegitimate President and his Vice President; neither are fit for duty, cite riots in our cities and then Harris pays to post their bonds to get them out of jail.
    China Joe and his family are traitors to our country and side with communist China and Russia.
    From China controlled Voter Fraud to trying to destroy our American way of life. Pelosi and Schumer need to sent to jail for acting like communists also.
    What goes around, Will come around….

  6. What are these negative comments about? You know you are hurting his feelings and the feelings of all who voted for him.

    1. Both of them? There’s 80 million people that want him OUT of our white house! We did not vote for him. What did the moron expect? He’s a treasonous criminal!

  7. Biden has no feelings to hurt. Dementia Joe is lucky if he knows where he is. He is just here to be the puppet for Pelosi , Soros and Obama. They plan on distroying America and make us pay dearly. Lets drain the swamp.

  8. I say Trump not only won the election he also won the popular vote!! So what did Biden win and how many cast a ballot at all, much less for him?? If the voter rolls were accurate we would know the answer; but I also say they weren’t and therefore nobody knows!! So are we being “ruled” by the loser, who only won the minority of voters, not the majority??

  9. Biden is still in his basement he’s a holagram he’s so worried about COVID-19 let Coumo put him in a nursing home and tell him he is a real president give him oatmeal and bring back Donald Trump for the American people

  10. bidens approval rating for one thing is much lower than that,& doesn’t make any difference, since kameltoe will be replacing him soon,& her rating will be much lower!

  11. We need a few hundred thousand people to march on D.C, Drag Biden out to the middle of the street, And that damned Camel also!

    1. You’re damn right and look at how many Democratic voters now I agree with you he’s just not hurting Republicans but also the Democratic voters we’re going to see prices go through the roof the immigration how many more cases what covid-19 figure not allowed to the country we’re going to have a large Spike soon and that’s for his policies does nothing but hurt the American people yes that includes Democrats and Republicans citizens

  12. America is knowing and build on LAWS and JUSTICE for all! Our forefathers saw this coming in the FUTURE the same way our Creator saw it coming!!! Illegal is Illegal that’s why wehave policies and laws in place for every America Citizens here in America. Some of them has treason and are Traitors and know they are. They all need to be lock the hell-up!!! Americans are TIRE of the corruption that’s Demon-rats has taking them through HELL!!!!!! God Keep America Great!! Mr. Trrump is the greatest President we have…..

  13. Some democrats are sorry they voted for Sleepy Joe.Its to late ,this is what they got.I hope they are happy they are going to have to pay for all of this,There taxes are going to go up.Lets see what they do when Sleepy Joe comes after their guns.I hope they are happy.Or are they just dumb?!

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