Columnist claims Biden is providing ‘masterclass’ to leftist politicians on ‘how to use power’

Much of the appeal that President Joe Biden enjoyed during the 2020 campaign season stemmed from his status as a self-described moderate Democrat who claimed on numerous occasions that he would work with Republicans to help Americans of all political stripes.

However, Biden’s actions since taking power have shown him to be anything but moderate — and now, some on the left are beginning to openly boast about it, as was exposed by columnist Jonathan Freedland in a recent piece written for The Guardian.

Biden the “radical”

In his op-ed, Freedland argued that Biden “is giving left parties the world over a masterclass in how to use power.”

The leftist writer dismissed Biden’s frequent verbal gaffes and apparent inability to board Air Force One without repeatedly tripping along the way, as well as the moments during his campaign and presidency that have raised eyebrows of Americans across the country who presumably wonder how he’s able to handle the duties of the presidency.

Instead, Freedland pointed to Biden’s policy record, writing, “Two-thirds into its first 100 days, and the Biden presidency has easily secured the right to be described as radical.

“Usually sober observers of the White House are going further: just two months after Biden took the oath, they are branding him a transformational president,” Freedland continued. “The comparisons to Franklin D Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson have already begun.

“What is the basis for such talk?” he asked. “The foundation stone is the $1.9 [trillion] COVID relief package Biden signed into law a fortnight ago, which has seen $1,400 payments land in the bank accounts of more than 100 million Americans.”

Biden’s “method” was to fool voters?

Freedland insisted that “this is about far more than a short-term stimulus effort” and pointed to Biden’s willingness “to act big, and fast, in other spheres.” That includes the president’s support for “granting statehood to the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico or scrapping the Senate’s filibuster mechanism.”

“These would be truly transformational acts, performed by a man who was seen, and in some quarters condemned a matter of months ago, as nothing more than a steady-as-we-go servant of the status quo. And yet that contrast is not a paradox. It’s a method,” the columnist added.

Freedland went on to tell leftist politicians that Biden has created a deceptive template for them to follow, saying, “If you want to be radical in office, first reassure in opposition.”

“If your goal is to win power, then in societies where people tend to be small-c conservative, your initial task is to persuade them that they have nothing to fear from you — that your concerns are their concerns,” Freedland wrote.

He concluded with a chilling assessment: that Biden is succeeding “because he understands something that eludes so many. He understands that the greatest hope is power,” Freedland wrote.

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12 Responses

  1. In other words, lie your arse off, promise the world, then hand everyone sh**! Sounds like Obama to me! We all know HE is behind this, his agenda to destroy our country is right on pace! Come on people, wise up! Biden IS NOT in charge, Obama is! Biden and Harris are the stooges, the “ fall guys”, they are too stupid to see it, they “ think” they won! Never mind the election was rigged!

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  3. Biden is a typical Left Leading Democrat, he talks out of both sides of his mouth, and mostly does just to the opposite of what he says. He lies, he cheats, he destroys people who challenge him, and he is power hungry. His kind will do anything to gain power. But, I will admit I did not think he was a Communist! Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer are all alike, they have the same thinking, the same desires, and the same power hungry goals. This country is in great trouble with leaders like these at the helm.

  4. In contrast to President Trump (and many other presidents), Mr. Biden is failing miserably) Many knew that he would long before he was elected. Now even those who voted for him are fed up with his BS and it’s only been three months. It’s a shame that there’s nothing we can do about him. We’re stuck for three years and nine months to go. If he steps down we’re stuck with Harris for the duration. We’re in trouble!

  5. He never fooled us. His plan wasn’t HIS plan. If an investigation were to ever happen, it would find that biden didn’t have any hand in his election. It was planned to steal this election from WE THE PEOPLE by the shadow government and mainly the evil Pelosi and her gang of globalists. This was an ingenious plan that took untold millioms of dollars, tremendously diabolical planning and the total co operation of the despicable media. Yes Virginia. The election of stupid incompetent joe biden, the Trojan horse our President told us about was the biggest theft of all time.
    The fool on the hill has no say in anything that he says or signs. He is the puppet of the master minds that are out to destroy our country and hand it over to the U.N. as a member of a one world government. They intend to steal our wealth and make us into a 3rd world non entity.
    Face it. biden’s every move is proving it EVERY DAY.

  6. I do not understand why the African American is for destroying the History of America? The destruction of Confederate statues, monuments, Government presidents that had slaves and much more. That is part of our American History. The Jewish people were slaughtered in Nazi Germany but they still have some of the concentration camps as a reminder of what evil does to innocent people. The Native Americans, Chinese, Irish people that left Ireland during the potato famine were all treated as slave. The African American should be schooled on this. Apparently people do not want to hear the truth!

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