Biden mocks reporters for shouting questions at him

Conservatives have long complained the media has been too accommodating in their treatment of President Joe Biden. Yet judging from his remarks after a recent press conference, Biden doesn’t think it’s compliant enough.

According to Fox News, the president mocked reporters for shouting questions at him while being kicked out of a briefing room on Tuesday.

“Among the only press in the world that does this. Seriously”

John Cooper serves as media and public relations director for the Heritage Foundation, and he pointed out “the gall” Biden showed in objecting to journalists questioning him.

Meanwhile, Young America’s Foundation and Turning Point USA Ian Haworth speaker drew a contrast between how Biden has managed to shelter himself from scrutiny and the way that British politicians are expected to operate.

“In the United Kingdom, the Prime Minister has to publicly defend their own policies during televised debates every week,” Haworth tweeted. “In the United States, Joe Biden complains that he has to answer questions every few months.”

“Nobody f–ks with a Biden”

This was not the only instance of Biden making comments this week, as according to Fox News, another example came on Wednesday.

While speaking with Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy during a tour of the hurricane-ravaged community, the president was heard declaring, “No one f–ks with a Biden.”

That incident brought mockery from conservatives, with Breitbart News contributor Wendell Husebø tweeting, “Joe Biden falsely claims ‘no one fucks with a Biden.'”

“Taliban overran Afghanistan in just a few days,” Husebø recalled, adding, “Russia invaded Ukraine. North Korea is firing rockets.”