Biden mocks Second Amendment, threatens to use military against ‘right-wing Americans’

President Joe Biden dialed up his provocative rhetoric towards “MAGA Republicans” on Tuesday with what sounded like a threat.

Speaking to a crowd in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, Biden jokingly said that “brave right-wing Americans” who cherish the right to bear arms stand no chance against the U.S. military. 

He said what?

Those who would rise up against the government, Biden said, “need an F-15.”

“And for those brave, right-wing Americans who say it’s all about keeping America — keeping America as independent and safe: If you want to fight against a country, you need an F-15.  You need something a little more than a gun,” he said, laughing.

This is not the first time Biden has mocked the idea that the Second Amendment is a safeguard against a tyrannical government. In June 2021, he similarly said that would-be revolutionaries would “need F-15s, and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

It’s hard to see how Biden can square his claim with the idea that January 6th was a deadly “insurrection” that very nearly overthrew the government. But Biden’s speech Tuesday was laced with a number of bizarre, outlandish points.

Over the course of his remarks, Biden also ridiculed Second Amendment supporters as being irrationally afraid of deer in Kevlar vests — a favorite Biden talking point — and claimed that AR-15s fire bullets five times faster than other firearms.

Biden dials up the rhetoric

The object of Biden’s speech was to project an image that he is a champion of law and order. He sought to make that case in part by invoking the January 6th “insurrection.”

“Look, you’re either on the side of a mob or the side of the police.  You can’t be pro-law enforcement and pro-insurrection,” he said.

Biden, who demonized police on the campaign trail in 2020 as they were being brutally attacked during the George Floyd riots, also said that there “is no place in this country — no place for endangering the lives of law enforcement.”

He also defended the FBI agents who broke into the home of his top political rival, Donald Trump, saying they are just “doing their job.”

Biden’s disconcerting remarks come days after he blithely dismissed Trump supporters as “semi-fascists.”

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