Biden moves to ban gas powered cars at the stroke of a pen

 April 11, 2023

Earlier this year, Joe Biden decided to pick a fight with Americans who use gas stoves. In his latest power grab, Biden seeks to effectively ban the internal combustion engine, a technology Americans have used to get around for a century. 

Biden's latest, incredibly ambitious "green energy" proposal will require the majority of vehicles on the market to be electric by 2030.

The Environmental Protection Agency refused to comment on the rules, set to be made public Wednesday, beyond saying the agency is "developing new standards that will ... accelerate the transition to a zero-emissions transportation future, protecting people and the planet."

Biden targets gas cars

At least in theory, the purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency is to reduce pollution, but that's not what Biden is doing here.

He is using the pretext of environmental protection to coerce an entire industry, and consumers, into adopting Biden's pet technology.

Biden previously set a target of making electric vehicles half of all new car sales by 2030.

The new rules, which will start affecting cars with the model year 2027, are even more extreme: they will require anywhere from 54 to 60 percent of all cars to be electric by 2030. By 2032, the numbers rise to as high as 67 percent.

At present, electric cars are roughly 7 percent of automotive sales, and not many people can afford to buy them, with an average cost of $58,600.

Biden's Great Leap Forward

While Biden has bragged about his climate revolution, it's all being paid for by taxpayers. Billions from Biden's infrastructure law are going toward building electric charging stations.

If consumers are lucky, they may be able to recover some of their money by taking advantage of Biden's electric vehicle tax credits, part of the so-called Inflation Reduction Act, but there's a catch.

The supply chain for electric vehicles is still reliant on China, and Biden has sought to develop the U.S. industrial base with stricter manufacturing criteria for the tax credits. The tradeoff is that fewer vehicles will be eligible for those credits.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation, an industry lobby that includes Ford and GM, is supportive of Biden's transformative agenda but cautioned that Biden cannot achieve his goals without a "massive, 100-year change to the U.S. industrial base and the way Americans drive."

In other words, Biden is pushing the country through a "great leap forward" without the industrial capacity, without the consent of voters, and, as the Supreme Court already made clear last year when it poured cold water on Biden's "green" dreams, without legal authority.

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