GOP Sen. Cornyn blasts Biden for having ‘no plan’ to deal with increasing border surge

President Joe Biden and many of his supporters have heralded his promise to pursue an agenda that radically diverges from his predecessor — particularly when it comes to immigration policy.

One top Republican acknowledges that Biden is keeping his promise, but has described the results as anything but positive for the nation.

“They’re just fooling themselves”

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) recently said that he suspects the president’s moves to reverse numerous policies enacted under former President Donald Trump are based on partisanship instead of facts.

His denouncement of the Biden administration came on Friday during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s America Reports.

“If they think a radio ad in Guatemala or some rhetoric from the podium in Washington, D.C., is going to keep people from trying to enter the United States, they’re just fooling themselves,” Cornyn said. “And what I really regret is they have absolutely no plan.”

The Texas Republican went on to insist that the Biden White House “underestimated” the situation along the U.S-Mexico border, complaining: “They had no plan to deal with it, and this is in the face of a pandemic right now.”

Later in the interview, Cornyn cited the added danger that COVID-19 poses, explaining that many border agents “are not vaccinated” and must “process the migrants” who are pouring into the United States.

“That seems to be the rule of thumb”

“We know Mexico and Central America have had their own COVID-19 problems and there’s no ready regimen for testing migrants as they are released into the United States,” he added, describing it as  “a humanitarian crisis and we’ve seen it before.”

Recalling the influx of migrants following former President Barack Obama’s controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy, Cornyn argued that the nation has “seen this movie before” and “you would have thought that the Biden administration, which was part of the Obama administration, would have learned.”

Instead, the senator said he “didn’t know whether it’s the politics or just the incompetence of this administration” that led to the current agenda.

“That seems to be the rule of thumb, that whatever Trump’s policies were, you do the opposite whether it makes sense or not, and that seems to be what’s happening here,” Cornyn concluded.

Cornyn is far from the only conservative voice opposing the Biden administration’s approach to border security. As Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity told his viewers during Friday’s episode of his program: “In less than 50 days in office, the Border Patrol has totally been subordinated to illegal immigrants and deteriorated under Biden’s policies.”

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30 Responses

  1. Biden doesn’t care anything about Texas. We are against him & he knows it or maybe he doesn’t understand since his puppeteers are pulling the strings.

    1. Shirkey, Mr. Biden has lost it and doesn’t care at all. His Soros-appointed handlers are wrecking this country. Texans need to demand that the Texas Rangers patrol the US border and either clandestinely haul border crossers back to Mexico or lock them up Texas style.

  2. They have no idea of how to govern. It’s time for a military takeover and call for a new election supervised by the military.

    1. John i agree, these damn Democrats have one program, undo everything Trump and crap all over us, America last, if there isn’t some bold action we are in for one hell of a ride.

      1. Yes, we are and we may never see America first again. Biden is America last and China and Mexicans first no matter how much they destroy our way of life Biden is all for them and not us. He is setting up a way to make all future voting to continue the fraud he set up this last election. He even was so bold as to tell us outright that he had the fraud set up to steal the election. America is lost and we need another Trump or someone like him to fix things again. However, that cannot happen with all the illegal votes that will be counted unless we have someone or someones to get busy and do something. Biden has made us a laughing stock all over the world.

    2. I sure like that idea. Military take over. Give them all 10 minutes to get out of the governments nest on the ground and cut down their money tree.

    3. i agree with you John a new election would be great with no cheating this time you won’t see those high numbers biden had before

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  4. Stop signing Obamas bills look at the mess now no plan. Shut down oil line. Looking to 15 years to make a difference. Way to early. Why would do away with big Parma that Trump. Had. I have a great great that needs insulin. And it raised the price. joe the parents have 3 little girls Shame shame on you Joe

  5. Send all the “Illegal immigrants” to Joe Biden’s house. Maybe he has room in his basement for the mess he created?

  6. This iS no accident! Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the idiots in the administration WANT TO DESTROY OUR WAY OF LIFE, OUR CONSTITUTION AND OUR FREEDOMS! Our own LEGAL CITIZENS are hungry, out of work and yet they want to open our borders to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and have OUR citizens PAY FOR THEIR CARE AND HOUSING!!! Does this sound like a rational plan ? Send ALL ILLEGALS BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM NOW!!

  7. Take Dingbat to the doctor or mental health provider to get evaluated. Maybe he can collect more money from disability that some disabled cannot get. He does nothing good and still gets paid. Amazing.

  8. The states governors must step in and stop this insanity! File lawsuits blocking the open border policies, take this into your own hands and deport them instead of allowing them in! Protect your states! This will only get worse if something isn’t done very soon!

  9. biden and every single democrat should be called domestic terrorists for what they are doing to america, it is time for the states to STOP THIS TERRORIST !!!

  10. When are all the American people going to wake up and see with their own eyes what Biden and Harris are doing to this country and the people of this country. The democrats don’t care about our country. They really hate our country and they are showing that by all the crazy executive orders Biden is signing going around the laws of this country. All the [people in this country really need to stand up on their heals and say enough is enough and do a real recall on Biden and Harris. In other words “IMPEACH ” the both of them A.S.A.P.

  11. This is the most commonly question that we all had in mind.
    Is Biden actually doing Obama 3rd terms?

  12. It’s plain to see the Biden/Harris is letting Pelosi, Schumer, and other Radicals tell them what to do. They all need to be impeached. They are doing everything they can to destroy America.

  13. I’m waiting for Biden to issue free Cell Phones to the Immigrants/Asylum seekers with a Year’s supply of Food Stamps and the $600 difference from the promised $2000 stimulus package offered to the lowly Citizens of America.
    This will allow them to attend the Theatres saved by Pelosi/Schumer’s 1.9 Trillion dollar joke.
    This puts America, the Land of the Free, last, with Covid-19 first.
    Who said priorities are not in order?

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