Biden once again suggests Republicans are a threat to democracy

While President Joe Biden campaigned on a unity message, critics say that he has been a disaster in that regard. Biden gave them more ammunition this week when he implied that Republicans are a threat to democracy. 

According to Breitbart, the president’s remarks came Monday as he spoke during a press conference in Bali, Indonesia following a meeting with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

“The American people proved once again that democracy is who we are, and it was a strong rejection of election deniers at every level,” Biden said of last week’s midterm election results.

Despite predictions of a red wave, Republicans are only on track to only win a narrow minority in the House of Representatives while failing to take control in the Senate.

“Strength and resilience of democracy”

The president then went on to boast that last Tuesday’s outcome demonstrated the “strength and resilience of democracy” in America and “sent a very strong message around the world that the United States is ready to play.”

“The Republicans who survived along with the Democrats, are of the view that we’re going to stay fully engaged in the world and we in fact know what we’re about,” Biden said proudly.

“America is working alongside our allies and partners to deliver real meaningful progress around the world,” Biden continued.

“At this critical moment, no nation is better positioned to help build the future we want than the United States of America,” he added.

“An extremism”

In previous speeches, the president has been even more explicit about characterizing his opponents as a danger to the democratic order.

While speaking in front of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in late August, Biden said former President Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

Fox News reported that those words brought a sharp rebuke from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who said the speech warranted an apology.