Biden attacks Supreme Court authority, issues executive order to try and federalize abortion rights

President Joe Biden, like many other Democrats, has refused to accept the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, a decision that ended the 50-year fiction of federal abortion rights and will allow individual states to regulate abortions as they best see fit.

Now President Biden, by way of an executive order, has attempted to usurp the Supreme Court’s authority and unilaterally reinstate abortion as a federal right via government agency and departmental actions, The Free Press reported.

In doing so, he also viciously attacked and undermined the high court’s majority, all the while citing several dubious or blatantly false narratives that are deliberately intended to stoke anger and fear among the American people.

Visceral attacks on Supreme Court, Republican-led states

Before signing the executive order, President Biden delivered a speech in the Roosevelt Room of the White House while flanked on either side by Vice President Kamala Harris and Health and Human Services Sec. Xavier Becerra.

“I want to talk about an executive order I’m signing to protect reproductive rights of women in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s terrible, extreme, and, I think, so totally wrongheaded decision to overturn Roe v. Wade,” Biden said.

He then urged all Americans, women and men, to vote for pro-abortion lawmakers who could codify abortion rights in a bill that he vowed to sign, before then turning his fire to elected Republicans at the federal and state level.

“Extreme Republican governors, extreme Republican state legislatures, and Republican extremists in the Congress overall — all of them have not only fought to take away the right — our rights — but they’re now determined to go as far as they can,” Biden claimed. “Now the most extreme Republican governors and state legislatures have taken the Court’s decision as a green light to impose some of the harshest and most restrictive laws seen in this country in a long time. These are the laws that not only put women’s lives at risk, these are the laws that will cost lives.”

The president went on to cite as fact an extremely dubious and uncorroborated report about a 10-year-old pregnant rape victim from Ohio who was denied an abortion, as well as to falsely assert that Republicans were criminalizing miscarriages and non-viable ectopic pregnancies and would pass a national ban, not to mention the tired refrain that the GOP and Supreme Court would soon target other rights not specifically enumerated in the Constitution.

Biden likely exceeds his own authority to undermine SCOTUS, sovereign states

As for President Biden’s actual executive order on “protecting access to reproductive healthcare services,” it also included attacks on the Supreme Court and fear-mongered over hypothetical consequences that might potentially stem from the ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade and allow each state to set their own rules and regulations on abortion procedures.

To counter such hypotheticals, Biden ordered the HHS secretary to “protect and expand access” to abortions and other reproductive services, the attorney general and president’s counsel to establish pro bono legal aid for women seeking abortions, the attorney general and Department of Homeland Security to grant protection to abortion providers and recipients, and for the Federal Trade Commission to implement rules protecting digital data regarding reproductive healthcare.

Biden also ordered the establishment of a special Interagency Task Force on Reproductive Healthcare Access to help coordinate and implement all of these efforts to skirt around the Supreme Court’s ruling and impose federal supremacy on states passing laws and regulations the administration doesn’t agree with.

For all of the talk from Democrats over the past several years about protecting and respecting norms and traditions and institutional authorities, this move by the president arguably ranks among the worst such actions contrary to those themes that have been perpetrated by any of his predecessors in the White House.

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