Biden says he will enact federal mask mandate on day one

President-elect Joe Biden revealed that he will indeed enact a nationwide facemask mandate on day one of his term.  

“The day we’re inaugurated, I’m going to ask you to mask up for the 100 days,” Biden said in an address that he delivered on Friday. Biden’s inauguration is set for Wednesday, Jan. 20.

“This is a patriotic act.”

This shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise, as Biden has been promising to implement a mask mandate for some time now. He is calling it his “100-Day Masking Challenge.”

“This is not a political issue,” Biden said on Friday. “And, I will issue an executive order to require a mask where I have the authority to do that: for federal workers and for federal property and for interstate travel by trains and planes.”

While the mask mandate will initially be limited to these areas, Biden plans to pressure states to institute a similar mandate.

“We’ll also be working with mayors and governors in red states and blue states and ask them to require masking up in their cities and their states,” Biden said.

Biden concluded:

Look, I hope we now know this is not a political issue. This is about saving lives. I know it has become a partisan issue. But, what a stupid, stupid thing for it to happen. This is a patriotic act. We’re asking you, we’re in a war with this virus. And, experts say and have shown that wearing a mask from now until April will save as many as 50 thousand lives.

A day later, on Saturday, incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain confirmed that Biden, on day one of his presidency, will sign an executive order implementing the “100-Day Masking Challenge.”

Biden’s larger plan

The mask mandate is only a small part of Biden’s plan to address the coronavirus. This week, Biden also unveiled his “American Rescue Plan.”

This is a $1.9 trillion dollar coronavirus relief package that, according to Biden,  includes direct cash payments of $1,400, extended unemployment supplementals, rent relief, food assistance, aid to small businesses, and the keeping of essential frontline workers on the job.

Biden will also look to increase the vaccination rate. And, according to Newsweek, “on his second day in office, Biden will sign executive orders to tackle the COVID-19 crisis in order to safely reopen schools and businesses.”

The scene is now set for Biden to take all the credit for “rescuing” America from the coronavirus.

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39 Responses

    1. Its a PITA. he thinks it makes him look “presidential”. Joe the Joke.
      Its ALL Political.
      America needs Prayer to survive the onslaught of stupid idiotic things yet to come out of this bunch.
      PUT ON Your SEATBELTS we are in for a bumpy ride.

    2. I absolutely doesn’t work. Do you know what it does to people with COPD and other respiratory problems. It causes their problems to grow. They can’t breathe under these restraints. It also adds to allergies.

      1. You are correct. I have had a chronic sinus infection for years that flares up and never goes away, and since masks I have been having nose bleeds, and my doctor is now talking surgery. I wonder why for decades we have been told how unhealthy it is not to get fresh air, and now suddenly it’s fine to breathe back in our stale air.

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  2. I agree the mask doesn’t work closing the country doesn’t work. It’s all political. Biden is losing it he to freaking old. He also has China ties and not good ones like his son the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

      1. You can say all you want, but the election was a set up,and rigged! Plan and simple, they wouldn’t let him prove it ! Now the White house is up for sale, and i am sure that China will be first in line, and there will be more babies murdered ! The distruction of America, is starting ! Wake up People, there going to destroy your freedoms ! and take your wealth, but 1 thing i can say, Biden is not my persident, and never will be ! period.

  3. As I have mentioned previously, all studies done to determine effectiveness of masks in blocking a virus have shown them to be useless. Yes, ALL. The last one I am aware of was done in Denmark (a few weeks ago) and it confirmed the useless mask findings of previous studies.

    1. You are 100% correct but that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative. It’s about fear and control.Even that CDC’S own numbers prove that masks don’t work .

      1. Well I have never played nice. So here go’s I’m not wearing a mask or taking the vaccine AND JOE BIDEN IS NOT MY PRESIDENT. THE ELECTION WAS STOLEN, But the Supreme Court didn’t have the guts to stop it. It only shows fear will make smart people do stupid things.

  4. I agree with everything that has been said. The masks do not work and I guess the dummy will find out the hard way. I wonder how the media is going to spin it to prop up China Joe. This Bozo will never be my President and I hope to heck he gets the same treatment President Trump got for 4 years. Rep Greene from GA is going to start it off right by introducing Articles of Impeachment on day one of this clowns presidency. It also frosts my tail that he will get credit for “rescuing” America from the Coronavirus.

  5. This is why I call him “Boxhead Joe” and his vp pick “Rottencrotch” and for pelousy, “Skanky”. All are thieves-wanting to kill, steal and destroy. This is the beginning of the “liberal” party, and extremely time now for us to step up and have a war with them. VPTE THEM OUT NEXT ELECTION!!!!!

  6. Wonder why Little Joe, Kamala Harris(Black Lives Matter Violence Encourager), Governor Newsome, Governor Cuomo, Chicago Mayor, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Doomer I mean Scumer, do not know the constitution? Only the Legislature can change voting rules in each state. Yet, here we are continuing to deny voter fraud. Witnesses, even on camera, ballots with no signatures confidently changed to Biden, money from foreign governments and self interest groups, CNN and MSNBC and Silicon Valley. What other evidence do they need for voter fraud and Impeaching Little Joe? He hasn’t even started and everything is already a disaster. And they want to impeach President Trump. And we already know, or at least most, that the violence is encouraged by Antifa, Black Lives Matter and others, even wearing President Trump attire. Call white supremacy. What about black supremacy. What about Democratic Supremacy. More blacks, Latinos, Asians were helped by President Trump then anyone else including Obama. There is Police brutality. There is more violence against Police. That is not called out enough. I know there are bad Police. But with the Defund the Police movement, except to protect Nancy Pelosi and the Squad, Police are underfunded and have less staff. Give them more staff and a raise. The jails are so full now in every state. More programs and overhaul of what is being taught. To much misinformation and people getting paid for it. Let’s hold the media accountable the way they try and hold others accountable. Wow! I cannot believe I thought of that and I am not a Politician or Harvard graduate. I guess common cents is getting banned from the internet. Fox News is trying to be banned. They tell and expose these lies and the liars get preferential treatment. Ooh!!

  7. He wasn’t voted in, it was fraud and they know it. The courts were loaded by Obama and now we are seeing what that 8yrs did. They can cheat and it be obvious, but they all have so much to hide they can’t do the right thing.

  8. I hope The Grim Creeper realizes that the federal government can’t force states to abide by this ridiculous “mandate”.

  9. Just Remember,,,,
    Joe Biden has NEVER been on the correct side of any decision he has made in his whole life.
    This will be no different.
    Face it, he’s a barely functioning idiot.

  10. Does the coronavirus relief package include the money for the local law enforcement agencies to enact this dumb act? I’m sure the rural sheriffs will rebel at the overtime money needed to pay given their restricted budgets!

  11. Sleepy Joe is as incompetent as the rest of the Democratic Party. He is not my President and if he hasn’t noticed masks don’t work. NY and NJ are perfect examples of that. Take your 100 days and shove them up your a**.

  12. Pervy joe needs to go back to groping women & sniffing children. He doesn’t care about the American people, he only cares about the control he can exercise. I say to hell with Biden & to hell with masks!

  13. I really love to be censored. It will make my decisions over the next few months so much easier.
    For what it is worth, The imposter in thief will never be my President, and can go to hell

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