Biden pushes ‘America last’ agenda with over 30 executive orders in first week

President Joe Biden’s first actions in office are leaving many to wonder just what he’s doing to advance the interests of the average American.

From killing jobs to opening up the border, a number of critics are already labeling Biden’s agenda “America Last” for its focus on peripheral concerns.

Apparent “America Last” agenda

Since taking office last Wednesday, Biden has enacted more than 30 executive orders, with a heavy focus on “woke” issues like transgender inclusion and relaxing immigration enforcement.

Amidst a pandemic and economic recession, many have questioned the logic of his decisions, such as pausing deportations for 100 days and moving to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline, which killed thousands of jobs instantly, prompting backlash from labor unions that supported Biden’s campaign.

Columnist Miranda Devine told “Watters World” that Biden is stiffing “normal Americans who are not protected by great wealth or by protected jobs” while exposing them to the coronavirus with his immigration actions.

Fox News host Judge Jeannine Pirro was even harsher in her assessment of Biden’s “America Last” agenda,” which departs from former President Donald Trump’s emphasis on border security and prioritizing jobs for Americans.

“America not only has to deal with a pandemic, and huge unemployment, we’ll have to deal with immigration and immigrants competing for jobs, with 10 million unemployed American workers,” Pirro said.


This comes as former staffers of Trump’s have warned that Biden is encouraging a new immigration crisis, with reports of a new migrant “caravan” heading to the southern border.

In the meantime, many say that Biden’s far-left policies hardly demonstrate a desire for “unity” with conservatives, despite his repeated promises to bring the country together.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported that the Biden administration already issued an order to “release them all,” referring to immigrants in ICE detention.

In his assessment of Biden’s first day, Carlson questioned whether Biden’s immigration plans are not being advanced as “punishment” for America’s imagined sins.

“How for example does amnesty and the waves of mass illegal immigration that inevitably will follow make this a better, more united country?” Carlson asked. “You’re not supposed to ask that question, but it’s totally fair. The rest of us live here, we have a right to know.”

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51 Responses

    1. Not in the least – ONCE A LIAR ALWAYS A LIAR!!!!
      Congrats to all who voted for this MORON!!!! You’ve been had!
      Jobs gone open borders transgenders in girls bathrooms –
      Not forget 4BILLION TO CENTRAL AMERICA while he cuts
      Jobs in AMERICA!!!
      Well done CHINA JOE WELL Done!!!

        1. Thanks to all the people that voted him in. I know for a fact that some people didn’t what him but they hated trump so bad they voted for the moron. WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.

    2. As 76 year old politically unaffiliated conservative, Biden gives me much concern with his disregard for the citizens of this country & no, I am not surprised.

  1. Well we now have a ILLEGITIMATE POTUS WHO has done everything in his power to destroy our country our JOBS & our PPL!!!

    Well done CHINA JOE! You have show ur allegiance is not to we the ppl but FOREIGN COUNTRIES & FAR LEFT!!!

    1. Lol, Bitme has no glue at all of what he is signing or what is even happening around him. He is totally unfit for the office he holds due to his mental decline. He is a puppet of the people who control him. Just think, this idiot has the nuclear codes and that right there should scare the hell out of everyone.

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  3. Why is Biden and the Democrats never asked why America is last in his decision making? No sense. He is a coward. Impeach them because they always point fingers. No matter what, they blame or ignore the question. Part of leading is taking responsibility, looking out for everyone, and making good decisions. None of that applies to Biden and the Democrats. It gets repulsive. And yet, they are not even held accountable. To me, they should have the same rules as the military. If they did, none of them would be able to lead.

    1. Some one needs to get him! He’s totally out of control and needs to be sent back to the basement. He’s destroying America and trying to make America a communist country! I pray that someone gets hiim before it’s to late! He’s killing our economy and destroying America . He said his son both belong in jail! God bless America! We need Trump back!

      1. It’s NOT just BIden who needs to be removed from office. It goes so much deeper. Let’s start with the many hateful Criminals in the Senate: Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, and so many more.

        These are the True Traitors of this great nation. They all need to go.

  4. This is SOOOOOO UNFAIR! Biden is killing America. We are not only losing our voices by media cutting off our access but now letting in illegals by the thousands, letting offenders out of jail, paying for abortions not only in US but in other countries…I wake up everyday since he was sworn in to office wondering wtf is he going to kill next! I’m scared, angry, depressed and I see no end in sight. The Illegal election is now killing all we stand for as free Americans. I’m sick over this and keep asking myself how can they get away with all the lies and illegal things without ANY consequences at all? What about Hunter and the Biden family getting millions from China? TREASON at the minimum. They all belong in prison for the rest of their lives! I keep praying the truth will come out and the dirty, guilty parties will all pay for their parts in the fraud and embezzlement…Our country is in danger of becoming a communistic country.

  5. Biden and Kamala want to destroy the United States. Plain and simple. So what’s holding up Biden’s and Kamala’s impeachment’s. Time was wasted or brushed under the rug with Trump!

  6. He is doing stuff backwards cause they hate trump and this is not good we all be fighting for the jobs and they have no where to go where are they going to live and stay and top that off all that stuff could of waited he needs to help America people first and they need to stop worrying on doing things to Trump and we oh my God Ned’s to get Pelosi out of office she behind all of this .and America people know they cheated Trump won we all know it and we pay them living hate and lies

  7. Yes China Joe is not looking out for America, he is the “Fox guarding the chicken house”. He shouldn’t be our President and he will never be mine ever. I heard today he signed an EO saying it would be illegal to say China virus in federal buildings, what a POS, hope all the libs are going to like $5.00 gas again, can’t wait to hear them complain.

  8. He is mentally not stable and, should have had a mental evaluation to see if he was fit to hold the highest office in the nation and his criminal actions should have stop him from being qualified, know he’s destroying are country no one can stop him, we have criminals controlling are government…..

  9. Everyone talks about the problem but no one offers the cure . It`s time do Maxine Water`s proud and get in their face.

  10. Anyone involved in all the fraud, corruption and lies that the major news stations reports? Is just as guilty. The problem is that they all work togethet to create a false narrative. In reality, a majority of Americans do believe these reports. Personally, I have been a little angry at Donald Trump. I have been writing, financially supporting his campaign and he still hasn’t gave me a answer of why he let me down. That is ok. I still have nothing but respect for all that he has accomplished. I never, ever will come to believe that a crook like Joe Biden is my President. It is evident that with the help of some dirty money, corrupt politicians and cheating the voting system in this last election played a major role in his ability to crown him the king of FRAUD. The old gizzard actually knows. His connections with China. His fingers going up someones dress. His son? The lies that he knew nothing about Hunter Bidens activities? GIVE ME A BREAK? FOR REALS? Oh no. There will never be a President Biden!

  11. He lied to all of us, he does not know what he is doing. Obama, Sanders and the squad are all setting up executive orders, Joe already said I didn’t read this one and someone behind a curtin said “Joe” sign it and he did. He was on video signing some of the executive orders and he forgot where to put the pen and tryed to put it in his suit pocket and couldn’t put it in, he then put it in his pants pocket and mumbled something. They are not showing all of this on the Democrat news or radio, you can only see this mess on Newsmax, and Fox news.
    Oh my God, I used to be a Democrat, never again, I woke up.

  12. I HOPE ALL YOU STUPID, UNEDUCATED MORONS WHO VOTED FOR THIS CLOWN AND HIS COMMUNIST PARTY ARE HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME! He’s a disgrace and so are you. MAY GOD IN HIS INFINITE WISDOM SEE THIS FOLLY AND CORRECT THIS IN HIS OWN WAY AND TIME!!!! John Koslin woke up, too bad more people didn’t. Let’s all pray for America and her people and her democracy!

  13. The Demorats are testing Americans… they want to find out just how far we can be pushed to accept their agenda and so far the are getting their way… who’s going to stop him we know the demorats are in charge and just doing what they want.. he surely promised them ANYTHING if they could get him the votes which they did so now is payback time for him.. I question just how far are we Americans are going to take before the entire country blows up in rage… we were warned and warned and still he was elected well the whole regime of demorats were and let them IN!

  14. Keep the lawsuits coming. Just like they did against Trump. File a lawsuit in any and every conservative court to stop this corrupt senile POS…

  15. It certainly to me that Joe Biden is paying back Communist China, for all they gave him and Hunter.After all, when Joe was vice president under Obama he was selling out American interests to the communists. Now it’s payback time for crooked Beijing Joe.

  16. I did not vote for creepy Biden and Harris. They are robbing us out. They are criminals and need to investigate and their inner circle and Pelosi as well. Yes, We are in huge trouble and still more issues to come. All we have to do is get ourselves to prepare for our Americans country. This is not our way of life. Our live matters too as well. Stand up for your Americans country. The hell with Biden!

  17. Big Tech, MSM, Nazi loving George Soros, Barack Muslim Obama. Crazy Nancy and Chucky Cheese stole the election from you and me. When all is said and done, they’ll destroy American freedom one by one. The day will come when all the thieves and liars are caught and paid the price for what they brought. Loss of citizenship is the price they’ll pay as we ship them to China and make them pay their own way. Good ridden to all you lousy, cheating, lying scum, finally America is how it’s supposed to be run.

  18. Is anyone really surprised that Biden lied? He is such a puppet. He does what he is told by the leftist and the big tech and china. He is a disgrace. If the people thought Trump was bad……just wait.

  19. Well folks, truth be known, we have just started this roller coaster ride to HE- double toothpicks (as my Grandpa used to say around all his grandkids.) We have really opened Pandora’s box and now have to find ways to dodge all the bad things to follow…..and it only took less than one day for the event to start rolling along. Joe Biden and his minion’s are on site and will do everything in their power to steam roll AMERICA into a 3rd World category….we must do what we can to stop them…..hope I live long enough to see that happen…

  20. I hate to say this, He is not making these decisions. Because of his dementia or what ever health problems. Do you really think He has carried this through and through.

  21. Time to get rid of both political parties and start fresh with people who have positive drive for freedom.

    I’m part Native American and have listened to all the lies and saw all the broken treaties. Look how they stole Hawaii. There is not a honest bone in any politicians body. If they are not rich going into office they so will be , and all off our backs and bucks.

  22. Biden has no idea what he is signing! Shumer, Polosi, and old horseface Waters, AOC and the rest of the swamp are drawing up these executive orders , shoving them under his nose and he just signs whatever it is. I am not surprised and no one else should be either, especially MCcANE as she hung around with the Democrats. Old Biden is doing just what he said he was going to do when he was sitting in his basement not campaigning as he knew the voting was fixed and he was going to win illegally. Funny how all the demonrats just go on like they really did win. Hope the idiots that voted for Biden get a lot of grief from his ex. orders! Trump will come back- you wait and see!

  23. Biden said what he was going to do and yet people voted for him.
    Biden continues to follow through with his plan and those people remain silent.
    Biden usurps his authority and dares those same people to object.

    Conditioned a sector of the population

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