Report alleges Biden has outbursts toward aides, undermines own vow to fire staffers for being disrespectful

A recent media report seemed to confirm what many Americans have already witnessed — that President Joe Biden has a short temper and is quick to explode in anger at those who cross him.

But that revelation appears to directly contradict the president’s own promise that he would immediately “fire” anybody in his administration who acts disrespectfully toward a colleague, as The Daily Wire reports.

Outbursts laced with profanity

The news of President Biden’s apparent anger management issue came by way of a surprisingly frank New York Times profile that asserted the new president has a “short fuse” beneath his “folksy demeanor.”

The piece described Biden as being indecisive and constantly second-guessing himself and others, while demanding from policy experts and aides to know an exhausting amount of detail regarding whatever policy or situation is being discussed.

Yet, when aides and staffers provide too much detail, Biden will reportedly “snap” with an “outburst of frustration, often laced with profanity.” Adding to that, the article said that Biden will abruptly “cut off conversations” and even occasionally hang up the phone in mid-discussion with somebody that he believes is “wasting his time.”

What about his promise?

That sort of behavior seemingly violates the very standard that Biden set for his White House aides and administration on his first day in office, The Daily Wire noted.

According to a January report from Business Insider, Biden reportedly told all of his new staffers, “I’m not joking when I say this: If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another with disrespect, talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot.”

“On the spot,” he reiterated. “No if, ands, or buts.”

The point of those remarks to his newly sworn-in staffers was to set a standard in contrast to the prior administration and to restore “honesty and decency” to the U.S. government.

Short temper on display

While the report from the Times that President Biden is prone to profane outbursts directed at his own aides may come as a shock to those who fully bought into the narrative that he is a kind and compassionate grandfatherly figure, it isn’t particularly surprising to those who paid close attention to Biden’s behavior during the 2020 primary and general election cycles.

Recall the incident in March 2020, when Biden was questioned by a construction worker about his anti-Second Amendment stance. The now-president told the man he was “full of s**t” and compared him to a “horse’s a**.”

That followed an incident in February 2020 in New Hampshire when Biden told a young female voter that she was a “lying dog-faced pony soldier” after she asked a pointed question about his poor performance in Iowa’s caucus. It’s a pattern that has apparently continued into his presidency.

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  2. He’s demented. Demented people often become violent – and seem to have increased physical strength.

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    2. You are so right!!! You can see it day by day. This is a horrible state for him. He should not be in there, and he should not have the pressure put on him. Face it people, he is not running the country, Obama and Pelosi are.

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  4. I cant stand seeing or hearing him I never watch him on T V . I feel sorry for his staff that have to see or hear him Not my president and never will be. He s a crazy old man with a very failing mind.

  5. It’s a Soldier’s right to complain and suggest alternatives, but not while you’re facing the backside of a Horse, or is that a Phony, whoops Pony.

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