Biden considering plan to abolish ICE in everything but name

The idea that President Joe Biden would govern as a “moderate” is falling apart with each passing day.

According to reports, Biden’s Homeland Security department is talking about abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement in everything but name, the Washington Examiner reported.

“Abolish ICE” goal in striking distance

The move would be a major win for the far left, which made “abolish ICE” into a rallying cry throughout Donald Trump’s presidency.

Under Trump, ICE was often blocked from doing its job by liberal opposition in so-called sanctuary cities — but Biden’s plan would make America, effectively, into a “sanctuary state.”

The plan being discussed would abolish the Enforcement and Removal Operations section of ICE, repurposing thousands of ICE agents from enforcing immigration law to working as criminal investigators instead. Effectively, ICE would be defanged but keep the name.

“This is an administrative abolishment of ICE as we currently know it,” one person with knowledge of the plan told The Washington Times.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is backing the plan, despite telling lawmakers that he has no desire to abolish ICE. Tae Johnson, the acting ICE director, also supports the plan.

Biden dismantling immigration enforcement

Some argue that ICE is being abolished already with Biden’s new administrative guidance on ICE arrests. The new rules require agents to get approval for any arrest outside of a few categories: those who pose national security risks, who recently crossed the border, or have committed “aggravated” felonies.

Not included in that list? Drunk drivers, and any illegal with an “aggravated felony” older than 10 years and that is not the reason for a recent arrest.

“The pendulum swing is so extreme,” an official told The Washington Post. “It literally feels like we’ve gone from the ability to fully enforce our immigration laws to now being told to enforce nothing.”

While Biden is dismantling immigration enforcement within America’s borders, he is also taking aggressive steps to open the border by bringing back “catch and release” and canceling Trump’s border wall.

Biden is also backing a sweeping amnesty bill that would offer citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants, and even invite those deported under Trump back to America to apply. Does Biden remember what country he’s the president of?

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32 Responses

    1. republican wake up and start impeaching this man he’s got dementia and don’t know what he’s doing he has to be stopped send him back to the basement and make him stay there.he’s not a real president a fraudulent one and how can he make and do this get him out.

      1. Biden is a puppet. Just like the forces that invaded Trump’s support before Jan. 6, he works for the Deep State, which will do anything to grab power. Allowing millions of illegals into the country, then giving them citizenship, will guaranty they never lose another election. If Garland is confirmed as Attorney General, Durham is done, and we won’t be able to do anything about it. From what I’ve seen, Garland is taking the same drugs Biden is.
        He’s incoherent. This is why the Capitol is surrounded by troops, to insure we cannot rise up when things become critical.

      1. People can file impeachment papers all day , as long as there is no clear majority in both Houses it would never succeed. With the Democrats having a slight Majority in the house Pelosi would never let it hit the floor, when Green filed them the first time Pelosi made it where she is no longer in any committees, next they will try to impeach her and remove her from the house. With a 50-50 split in the Senate, at this time ( if someone even got it through the house) They would never get the 67 votes for impeachment! Maybe after the 2022 election the Republicans may have a Majority in both Chambers to do it,

    2. Should Biden and his handlers have told us that he was a communist traitor to the U.S.? He has consistently sold the citizens, the economy, the constitution down the river. He got his money from China and other foreign enemies, as have other Democrats, so it’s the hell with our country. Now we know why there was so much fraud and Trump’s actually winning.
      And now Biden is opening our borders and what will that look like — crime out of control, poverty of communities, gangs, trafficking, drugs, etc., while politicians sit in their fenced in enclaves. Disgusting!!!!

    3. Good metaphor, but unfortunately, the water in the bowl is already swirling. Certainly Biden needs to go…but Harris and Pelosi need to follow him out.

    4. Good metaphor, but unfortunately, the water in the bowl is already swirling. Biden does need to go…but also Harris and Pelosi along with him.

    1. Why would the demorats want to impeach him, they have what they want! I bet he doesn’t even know half of the laws that have been changed/enacted in him name! Just look at the EO’s he signed on day one, he didn’t even take the time to read what he was signing!
      Joe Biden the RUBBER STAMP president!

    2. I agree if we cant get rid of buffoon Biden by March our country will be gone.
      The only thing Democrat’s can actually FIX is elections everything else they Destroy

    3. The sooner the better. The Dems impeached Trump on fake information and the dossier, now Biden is destroying our country, its’ sovereignty and national security, so what is the House doing now — that means, you Dems.

      1. They aren’t going to do anything this has been planned along time ago when Clinton lost , the problem is we knew what was going on and just sat back and let it happen we are to blame for what’s going on and the destruction of America is on us you aren’t going to stop them Pelosi knew about rioters in White House she approved to let them in, it’s gonna take a civil war to get our country back but that will never happen we would rather complain about what’s wrong instead of fixing it

    4. Biden isn’t running this case. He has a puppet master that is calling the shots.
      Even if he were impeached Harris would be in charge. That wouldn’t be any better.

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  2. Why do we have idiotic president like Biden he cant even read the teleprompter he will destroy the American way of life .He has not done anything good, he’s a senile old ba–terd

  3. Way too late folks. As much as I supported President Trump ( yes I said President Trump…Biden is illegitimate) Trump failed miserably by selecting 1st that weasel Sessions and then replaced him with backstabber Barr. Oh and not to leave out crooked Hillary lover Comey and replacing him with Wray…I mean WTF was Trump thinking? The swamp just became bigger and we all know what followed…a coup d’etat.

    1. The problem is if we impeach biden then Harris gets to be president!! She is even MORE dangerous than biden!! The only solution is for trump to take them all down .!!!! This is what he is doing too so sit back get your popcorn and get ready to watch the Greatest show on earth!!

  4. To impeach you have to have more Republicans than Democrats. We need to get Republicans to take all the vacant seats in 2022. If you impeach the President you should also impeach Harris because all the left is telling Biden just to sign and no questions asked because of his dementia. I think maybe a quicker way is to take all the illegal immigrants and put the at each one of the Democrats houses and tell them they have to stay there to become legal and I think that might scare them enough to put a stop at the boarder. What do ya’ll think?

  5. He needs to be impeached we need to eliminate all of the Democrats and I hope to God that Biden strokes out or has a heart attack the sooner he dies the better America he is that front door

  6. Drain the Swamp all the Demoncrats need to go. Impeach them all! We are losing our American values ! The Constitution is circling the drain. IMPEACH! IMPEACH! THEM ALL !

  7. Come on wake up folks! Obama is in charge, Biden is his stooge, doing what Obama tells him. The Only way to get Biden and Harris impeached is to impeach Piglosi, get her out of congress and put a Republican in as house speaker. Someone who will bring the articles of impeachment to the floor. Then send them to the senate, but again, you need a Republican majority to get it done.

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