Biden pledges softer approach to China compared to Trump

Former President Donald Trump was known for his hawkish views on China, but President Joe Biden is planning to take a lighter approach.

In his first televised interview as president, Biden signaled “extreme competition” with America’s top rival but suggested he would be less combative overall, CNBC reported.

“Beijing Biden”

On the campaign trail, Biden’s longtime soft tone on China, and his family’s financial connections with the country, caused critics to accuse “Beijing Biden” of being unable to confront America’s top adversary. His son Hunter has still not divested from Chinese interests, as Fox News notes.

Speaking to CBS News, Biden signaled a departure from the hawkish approach of Trump, who has been credited with changing the foreign policy conversation by bringing China’s rising power and malign activities around the globe to the center stage.

Biden said he would pressure China into compliance with international norms, also commenting on his relationship with China’s President Xi Jinping while addressing a delay in speaking with the foreign leader.

He also called Xi “very bright” and “tough” but added that he doesn’t have “a democratic, small ‘D,’ bone in his body.”

“I’ve said to him all along we need not have a conflict, but there’s going to be extreme competition,” Biden said, according to the Washington Examiner. “I’m not going to do it the way Trump did. We’re going to focus on international rules of the road.”

China hawks skeptical

While signaling a shift from Trump, Biden’s rhetoric has definitely gotten sharper than it once was. It wasn’t long ago that Biden said in no uncertain terms that China is “not competition.” Now, it’s “extreme competition.”

It appears that Biden is already operating within Trump’s frame, and indeed, Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said that Trump was “right in taking a tougher approach to China.”

Trump’s 2016 campaign highlighted China’s role in the outsourcing of American jobs, and as president, he waged a trade war to establish a more favorable economic relationship while blaming the country for a range of misdeeds, including a cover-up of the “China virus.”

Some China hawks, such as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK), are not convinced that Biden’s latest comments reflect a change of heart.

“I’m glad to see Joe Biden singing a different tune now…but to simply rebuke President Trump for being the first president in two generations to stand up to the Chinese communist party and say he’s going to do it differently without specifying how he’s going to do it differently is not a show of strength,” he said in an interview with Fox.

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23 Responses

  1. Arrest Biden for Treason and bribery of a foreign nation. right away.
    JOE is the big guy and gets 10% of Hunters investments

    1. Joe has already received his 10% from Hunters past deals with the Chinese. And as long as Joe remains in office, he will continue receiving his share of Hunters corrupt dealings.

      Why is it that an average American Citizen doing this would be in jail so quickly, yet these Criminals aka Biden’s get away with it again and again.

      Also would like to know how much of the “ Chinese Proceeds” did Barack Oblozo get from the corrupt deals???

  2. Joe Biden and half the democratic party need to be thrown in jail for 30 years for treason. Joe only has half a brain and should never have been allowed to run because of it. Other’s in the party write out what they want and Joe just signs it, not knowing what it is he is signing.

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    1. It’s time for Seal Team 6 to be engaged against these DemoncRATS. Time to be removed from office, once and for good!!!

      Surely the other Corrupt Bastards in Congress would quickly get the message .

  4. Yes, everyone knew this once his connections ( or should I say Hunter Biden’s money connections) are so deep with China.

    1. he has to get his money flow back,and hunters hook ups with his drugs. did u really think it would be different ? selling our country toChina!

  5. They’ve got a foil in Biden. He’ll be collecting those 10% set-asides soon thanks to Hunter. His EO’s have to be challenged in court. Otherwise he will put America last

  6. Forget it folks, the Biden administration will do and say whatever they feel and to hell with anyone who disagrees. The dems have TOTAL control and that’s what they’ve always wanted. The msm including social media will cover for them. When they were allowed a coup against Trump then it was obvious how large and deep the swamp is. I really don’t think there is a damn thing that can be done about it. Very sad.

  7. Boy, the actions of this admin reminds me of the child hood story of poncihoo, where every time he told a false story his nose got larger and larger. This time the story’s cost the tax payers money. with nothing to gain from it.

  8. In my opinion what he is saying is B.S. He will never get tough on China because he is destroying our republic so China will just have to walk in and finish the destruction. If Xi says jump Biden will ask how high.

  9. Biden is figuratively sleeping with the enemy. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you is biden’s slogan. The USA is being run by communists.

  10. Everybody including Needs to get Creepy Slow Sleepy Joe Biden Remove from

    the White House Permanently. Whoever does starts an Petition to get Every-

    body to sign to get Creepy Slow Sleepy Joe Biden REMOVE from the White

    House Permanently, I Definitely Will Sign The Petition (100) Percent.

  11. I never really watched or supported any particular politician. I thought they were all selfish, money laundering, rude, did not care about the people’s best interests. Then as President Trump started to face down the politicians that have been destroying and taking advantage of Americans for so long. It was refreshing. To top it off China, News Media, Big Tech and even Hollywood backed this corruption. I am glad President Trump exposed what I believed all along. And, these people lied to the American people even after the evidence supports the claim of voter fraud, lies, bad decisions, inciting violence, etc. So they are the impeachable trash. Where is the accountability department?

  12. We know Joe you’ll have to kiss China’s a– cause you owe them loyalty for all that money your getting paid for our information!!! The worse President ever since Obama!!

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