Biden says he’s ‘open to the possibility’ of serving for two full terms

Democrat nominee Joe Biden has been under heavy fire from the GOP for a perceived decline in mental acuity, giving rise to speculation that he will only serve for one term if elected — if he can even make it that far.

Biden attempted to quiet those rumors during a Sunday morning interview, telling ABC’s David Muir that he is ‘absolutely’ open to the possibility of serving two full terms. 

Rumor mill explodes

Critics of Biden’s mental health have pointed to his repeated statements that he chose Kamala Harris as his running mate because she is “ready to lead on day one,” sparking further speculation that he plans on handing over the reins sooner rather than later.

This pattern of rhetoric, along with dozens of memory lapses and concerning gaffes, only added fuel to the speculation that Biden truly is a trojan horse for getting a more radical candidate into the oval office.

When directly asked to respond to the rumors by Muir, Biden attempted to dismiss concerns about his age and ability to lead.

Muir pointed out that Ronald Regan — the oldest president to date — was 77 years old when he finished his second term, and Biden would be 78 years old at the beginning of his first term.

“I think it’s a legitimate question to ask anyone over 70 years old if they’re fit, they’re ready,” Biden said. “But … watch me.”

Muir doubled down, asking Biden about his comments in May indicating that he sees himself as a “transition” candidate, asking if that means Biden is planning to serve a single term. Biden replied, “no it doesn’t.”

Muir followed up, “You’re leaving open the possibility you’ll serve eight years if elected?” Biden replied, “yes, absolutely.”

Trump camp doubles down

Biden’s campaign has carefully controlled all of his media appearances for months, refusing to allow the aging candidate to participate in any unscripted interviews or appearances.

Trump’s campaign has highlighted Biden’s many gaffes and memory lapses as proof that his cognitive health is slipping, infuriating the Biden campaign.

Biden’s wife, Jill, came out swinging against the rumors questioning her husband’s mental acuity in a recent interview, calling the attacks “ridiculous,” and suggesting that concerns about his ability to lead should not be a part of the campaign.

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