Media praises Biden for ‘low-key’ response to Texas winter storms

The mainstream media continues to carry water for President Joe Biden as he faces the first natural disaster of his presidency.

The Washington Post praised Biden’s so-called “low-key” response to the winter storm in Texas that left millions without power while killing some 30 or more people, Breitbart reported.

Biden does nothing, gets praised

Texans were left in the dark, desperately searching for heat, food, and clean water last week as the terrible storm pummeled the South. Crops were wiped out; livestock — and some people — froze to death. As the heartbreaking tragedy unfolded, however, Biden was nowhere to be found.

He did not comment on the storm until Thursday, and it did not pass through his mind at a town hall with CNN on Tuesday. Some of his allies, however, are characterizing his approach as a strength, with Jeff Bezos’ personal blog, The Washington Post, praising Biden for being “low-key.”

“[Biden] has not visited the stricken region or delivered prime-time remarks; he did not mention the disaster at a recent town hall; and he is studiously avoiding the controversy over whether wind energy or fossil fuels are to blame for widespread power failures,” the Post reported.

The Post also contrasted Biden’s muted reaction positively with Trump’s “hostile” tendency to be the “center of attention” during emergencies.

“[Trump] famously tossed paper towels to hurricane victims, excoriated Californians for ‘gross mismanagement’ of forests and called Puerto Rican leaders ‘corrupt and incompetent’ for their handling of aid money,” the paper wrote.

“Almost absent”

One could be generous and, as the Post does, credit this to a change in style. Biden is not, to put it charitably, as energetic as Trump. But it’s one thing to have a big personality, and another to be a ghost.

The Post tries to spin Biden’s absence as the mere preference of a more diplomatic and professional personality. But many are liable to see this as just the latest example of the media lowering the bar for a president perceived by many as senile and unable to execute the responsibilities of his office effectively.

The paper comes close to acknowledging the elephant in the room, too. “While Biden has won praise for his quieter, more businesslike approach, he is also running the risk that he — and the federal government — can appear almost absent.” No kidding.

To his credit, Biden has approved disaster aid, albeit for only 77 out of 254 counties, and the White House says he may visit the Lone Star state this week. But that is surely a minimum.

Meanwhile, the pain is only beginning for Texas, where at least 30 have died, as the state reckons with the biggest insurance claim event in its history.

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