Biden pressured border town mayor not to declare emergency: Report

Joe Biden strong-armed the Democrat mayor of a border town into backing the White House’s dubious narrative that the southern border is “secure,” the city’s leaders say.

The New York Post reports that El Paso mayor Oscar Leeser was told by the Biden administration not to declare a state of emergency.

Pressure is on

A council member said that Leeser told her he would declare an emergency “if things got worse” but he kept that commitment open-ended.

“He told me the White House asked him not to,” Councilmember Claudia Rodriguez said.

Leeser also said at a September council meeting that the White House “has asked, at this point, for us not to [declare an emergency].”

The mayor’s apparent complaisance comes despite data from the city’s website which says that thousands of immigrants are being released in the community every single week, costing the city some $300,000 a day.

At least 250,000 have come through the El Paso sector this fiscal year, a nearly 50 percent increase over 2021’s numbers — and that doesn’t include September’s figures. More than 2 million immigrants were encountered across the entire southern border this year.

Biden’s desperate gaslighting

El Paso has turned to busing thousands of immigrants to self-described “sanctuary” cities like New York, where the mayor has declared an emergency and is setting up a “tent city” to shelter the overflow.

Unfortunately, Biden is more worried about how the crisis looks than actually solving it. Reports earlier this year said that Biden officials grumbled about the “optics” of Democrat mayors pleading for help with the migrant crisis.

Apparently sensitive to Biden’s concerns, Leeser denied the Post’s reporting and said, “I don’t take the pressure; I do what’s right for the community.”

Biden’s attempts to warp public perception of the border crisis are part of a pattern with the administration, which has routinely pointed the finger on inflation and other issues while making controversial use of public resources like the nation’s strategic oil reserves to boost Biden’s political prospects.

El Paso voted for Joe Biden in 2020 by a decisive margin.