Biden accused of pressuring female Dem senators to vote to confirm nominee alleged to have covered up aide's sex abuse scandal

March 18, 2023

Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) was recently confirmed by the Senate to be President Joe Biden's ambassador to India, despite that nomination having been stalled for nearly two years over credible claims that Garcetti had been aware of and covered up multiple allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against a top aide.

Now comes an insider report which claims that President Biden personally pressured and compelled a number of female Democratic senators to vote in favor of Garcetti in spite of their legitimate concerns about the allegations, RedState reported.

The revelation runs counter to Biden's oft-repeated assertion that he is compassionate and empathetic to the struggles of women and further exposes that his equally oft-stated belief and support of female victims of sexual abuse is purely a matter of political convenience.

Accused of covering up sexual abuse and misconduct scandal

The Los Angeles Times reported in May 2022 that former Mayor Garcetti's nomination to be the next ambassador to India had been held up for months in the Senate after questions were raised by Republicans about the nominee's knowledge of the years-old allegations of sexual assault and misconduct against his former top aide and advisor, Rick Jacobs.

Jacobs stood accused and faced multiple lawsuits from numerous alleged victims that he routinely gave out "unwanted hugs, massages, and crude sex banter," among other generally unacceptable behavior toward staffers and city employees in the mayor's office.

Garcetti had long claimed to have had no knowledge whatsoever of what Jacobs was alleged to have done, and even testified under oath to that effect in a Senate confirmation hearing. However, Senate Republicans insisted that it was "extremely unlikely" that the mayor could have been entirely unaware of what was alleged to have happened routinely right under his nose in his own office.

The Biden White House, meanwhile, steadfastly stood in support of Garcetti's nomination and dismissed the "partisan" Republican claims as a mere "hit job" full of already "debunked" allegations that were untrue.

Biden and his crew pressured female Democrats to vote for Garcetti

Fast-forward to this week, and the D.C. insider outlet Punchbowl News reported that the lobbying of President Biden himself, his aides, and Garcetti's own family had finally succeeded in ending the "20-month drama" of his stalled nomination when he was confirmed with a 52-42 vote on Wednesday.

The questions raised by certain Republicans had caused doubts among some Senate Democrats and Garcetti's nomination was even declared to be "dead" prior to the end of last year, though Biden simply resubmitted him as a nominee when the new session of Congress began in January.

However, the outlet reported, "Seven to eight Senate Democrats were ready to vote no, which would have sunk the nomination, according to Senate sources. Early on Wednesday, during a Democratic leadership call, there was a 'very heated' discussion over why Democrats should support the controversial pick, one senator told us."

"Biden and senior White House aides had spent the last few days pressing a number of the swing Democrats, in particular some female senators, to support the nominee," Punchbowl News added.

In the end, with the help of seven Republicans who voted "yes" on the nomination -- ostensibly in order to fill the critically important vacant ambassadorship to a key ally -- Garcetti was finally confirmed.

Why was this nomination so important?

RedState noted that the big question now is "why" were President Biden and his team so adamant that Garcetti be confirmed as the next ambassador to India, so much so as to reportedly pressure female Democratic senators to set aside their justifiable qualms about a nominee who was credibly shown to have covered up a major sex abuse scandal that happened under his watch.

"When it’s politically convenient, they’ll shout from the rooftops about believing all women and throw whoever is necessary under the bus," the outlet concluded of Democrats and their glaring hypocrisy on the issue of sexual abuse allegations. "But when it’s not politically convenient, they’ll completely ignore all the facts on the ground and pretend like their past proclamations never happened."

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