Biden looks to private sector in effort to develop vaccine passports: Report

Since the development of viable COVID-19 vaccine candidates, many Americans have been concerned about the possibility that proof of inoculation will become mandatory for certain public activities.

As recent reports indicate, President Joe Biden is looking to the private sector to serve as an instrumental force in developing so-called vaccine passports that could ultimately determine who is permitted to return to work, travel, or attend certain events.

Efforts around the world

The Washington Post reported that multiple companies and organizations like the World Health Organization are already developing their own passports. A centralized and universally recognized system, however, would allow individuals to give out personal medical information to just one entity instead of potentially several.

As it stands, the Biden administration appears to be focused on sifting through various efforts already underway in hopes of developing a federal standard that would be widely used and adopted.

Reports show that the administration has encountered challenges in crafting a message in favor of vaccine passports while avoiding the perception that receiving a shot is mandatory. So far, vaccination remains a voluntary choice.

Only a small number of private organizations, like Rutgers University, have stated that they might make vaccination mandatory at some point in the future for those who work, attend, or visit them. Such requirements are notably different than a government mandate.

Multiple U.S. allies including Canada, Israel, and the United Kingdom have launched their own vaccine passport programs. Domestically, New York has introduced its Excelsior Pass to allow individuals to show that they have been inoculated.

Widespread backlash

In a statement earlier this month, White House coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt stressed that standardizing vaccine data for public use is “not the role of the government.” He went on, however, to provide some guidelines regarding what such a program should include.

“We do believe that when that gets done, there is a right way and a way that’s not as good,” he said.

Among the features he recommended were that “it needs to be private, the data should be secure, the access to it should be free, it should be available both digitally and in paper, and in multiple languages, and it should be open source.”

These plans have attracted opposition on multiple fronts, including those concerned about medical privacy, coercion to be vaccinated, and discrimination against those who have not received their shots. Even as Biden strives for his goal of making the vaccine available to all adults by May, access in some communities could still lag behind the rest of the country and many Americans could face problems in attempting to take time off from work to obtain their dose or doses.

As U.K. civil rights group Liberty stated earlier this year: “These so-called passports claim they would ensure those who can prove they have coronavirus immunity can start to return to normal life. Which raises the question — what happens to everyone else?”

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20 Responses

  1. Every day, Joe and his party of criminals, is trying to steal the rights of American’s This can’t continue.. Just “say no” in the strongest terms that you can.. We can’t let this party of criminals, take over our country…

    1. I agree….and what a contrast to our REAL President Trump….who actually cared for every American…and America itself. I hope he will be back soon….after all, how much more can this nation endure before an uprising happens? I do believe justice will be served for all involved in the election schemes…and I pray brought before a Military Tribunal for their crimes soon.

    2. I’m afraid of “just say NO!” Will not help! These people are not playing games! They are playing for keeps! They will dispose of anyone who gets in their way. After all, we are at war right now! Biden has verbally declared war on our USA citizens. And he’s serious about that.

  2. Absolutely unacceptable! This is still a FREE country. Only China tracks its people and regulates EVERYTHING they do. No one can be forced to do this. The very idea is preposterous!

      1. If you think that Mushbrain Biden is bad, beware of Komrad Kamala! She’s drooling in making your lives even worse, when she gets a hold of the scepter. God is severely pissed off right now! The World has gone amok. It’s cleanup time now. The good people will be protected.

    1. Old time Germany and USSR …… papers please. Oh wait, that might be the US soon! Haven’t we learned anything from history?

    2. You have to understand. This thing that’s happening now, is a Global thing. When Biden stepped into the White House, kiss away our cherished freedom. Freedom is not for free! We all have to fight for it, as it was done in the past. Their goals is to take the remaining virus survivors, move them to the city, and use them (us) as slaves. When bunched together, it will be very easy to monitor everyone, and to control them (us). This is now a Nation that’s going after it’s own people. This is mild now as to what’s happening. But it will become more and more brazen and at a fast and severe momentum.
      They do not respect the Constitution. They want to disarm you so you can’t shoot back. They hate this Nation. We are now actually living in a war zone right now! For people who want to survive, as of now, the good ‘ol days are over. This is the new reality! Pray to God, He can be your guide and your shield. Do not listen to the Left’s ramblings and lies. They never tell the truth , anyway!

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  4. Fascism (as in the Nazi Party) is a system where the mans of production i(jobs) is owned privately, but the Government controls what is done with it. If you can’t work because the Government says so, you are living in a Fascist economy. (see Biden = Adolf Hitler)

  5. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations

  6. I find it kind of weird that biden cares about people
    on airplanes being vaccinated but doesn’t care that
    the illegals pouring across the border and many have the virus can just come on in. He is a real
    jewel isn’t he, bet you people who voted for him are real proud of yourselves.

  7. Once again the fascist party SHOWS it’s Political STUPIDITY. There is a problem THEY CLAIM in getting a PHOTO ID, but No problem getting a CHINA VIRUS PSSPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I guess the airlines & cruise ships will be suffering the most. How long will it take to forge the records ?

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